South Heaven, Michigan

Oh, did I say Heaven? I meant Haven. Ba-dum-bum Chhhh

I mean it, you guys. South Haven was one of the most relaxing places I’ve ever been to. I told Steve I was even more relaxed than on our honeymoon a year ago. And I was sober this time! That’s unheard of!

I’m just going to do a big ole picture dump. I’m missing a few pictures from our other (waterproof) camera of kayaking, and more beach pictures. But you’ll get the idea.

The first thing Steve did when we arrived at our rented condo was this:

He took a good 30 minute nap. I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of him. They’re so cute when they sleep.

Our first night there we played dominoes on our condo’s big deck (did I mention we were right on the water?) and I sipped on a mocktail.

It was a great first night.

The next morning we woke up early and went for a long walk. We walked all over the marina and the downtown, but picture me doing air quotes around downtown because it was more like a cute lil’ town square.

Steve tortured himself by “picking out” which boat he wanted. Hey, looking is free, right?

We walked down to the lighthouse, which you disappointingly can’t climb. Something about safety issues or something like that. Whatever. It was still pretty from the outside. But you better believe we tried every door just in case.

There’s something about grass that grows out of the sand that just screams VACATION to me.

True story: I didn’t pack anything to walk around in (because I always try to pack so light and sometimes I under-pack — oops) so we had to go to Walmart to buy these leggings. Oh, the shame.

Here we are on another morning walk — it was our favorite way to start the day. Of course we had to make a pit stop for me to grab a to-go coffee, first and foremost.

The premier of my bump. I’m 16 weeks now! I can almost hear it going “Boop!”

We continued touring all possible aspects of the lake / river / marina / SHOW ME THE BOATS.

We loved that little JAWS boat. So cute, and so fitting since it was Shark Week on Discovery Channel. (Oh yeah – we had CABLE, too. It was nice treat.)

Here’s a great shot of our condo (we stayed in the building on the left) and the gorgeous pool that overlooked the water. Doesn’t it look like the ocean out there? It was truly breathtaking.

The private beach that belonged to the condo was gorgeous as well. Lake Michigan has never looked so beautiful to me.

Another gorgeous sunset from the privacy of our family room. Not a bad view, eh?

This crazy storm rolled in over the lake the last day we were there. By the time it reached us we all scrambled to get in because of the wind and the lightning. It was pretty awesome. I love storms.

That was the same night we had the prettiest sunset of them all.

Ahh such a great week. I’m so grateful for every moment that we had together up there. Rain or shine.

Once I dig out the rest of the pictures from our waterproof camera I’ll share those, too. Have any of you guys every been to South Haven? I recommend it, highly. It’s a great place for kids, and adults. I hope you enjoyed the non-house related post and pictures!


8 thoughts on “South Heaven, Michigan

  1. You and your bump are adorable! Glad you and Stevooo had a good time and you got some much-deserved relaxation. Miss you 🙂

  2. I enjoyed it so much, I feel like I just returned.
    I love the water…I want to be in it, on it, around it…. Wish C-bus wasn’t so land locked.

    • Hahaha thanks Linda 🙂 I finally caught up on your Flickr photos as I uploaded vacay pics… you look WONDERFUL!! I want to see nursery pics!

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