I’m sure I’m the first yahoo to coin that phrase.

As soon as I made our baby announcement on The All Important Facebook (because once it’s on Facebook there’s no going back) and after spilling the beans on this here blog, I was FINALLY…

F  I  N  A  L  L  Y

able to make a new Pinterest board pertaining to the subject. Do you guys have any idea how tantrum-inducing it is to find all of these great links for inspiration, but nowhere to pin them? Whatever did we do without Pinterest? And there’s no such thing as a private board. I looked. High and low. It doesn’t exist.

Without further ado, here are a few rooms and elements that have quickly made my nesting instincts kick in. (Pst! All pictures link to my Pinterest, and then link back to the original source.)

The colors in this room. I die.

What I love most about the grays and yellows is that it doesn’t feel too “babyish” and I bet it fits in well with the rest of the house. It fits in with my house but I’ve still not figured out how to hijack an entire room.

I love the fabric lettering here:

I’m not a big fan of green walls for a nursery. Don’t ask me why, as green is my favorite color. It’s too “oh look at me being gender neutral” I guess. I don’t know. I JUST DON’T LIKE IT, OKAY? Never argue with a pregnant woman.

Quirky and cute (I love the mobile):

You better believe we’re building these bookshelves:

And then there’s the pièce de résistance – my favorite room of all rooms – what I want my entire house to look like:

This room makes me want to hug myself. And the nearest stranger. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and I am in love with every. single. element. I love how the whole thing works together, and the color palette is to die for. This is going to be my main source of inspiration moving forward. I’m sure our nursery will end up looking nothing like this, but you gotta start somewhere.

Also? This fabric. LOVE.

And probably my most favorite baby-related item I’ve come across: this guy makes templates that you can download FOR FREE for every single letter in the alphabet. Sign me up! (Actually don’t. There’s no signing up required. Just download and print!)

It really doesn’t get any cuter than that. I hope to have time to tackle these somewhere throughout this whole getting-ready-for-baby process.

So that’s what’s been floating around in my head lately. We have a goal of getting the nursery completed by the end of my second trimester. The reason being that my third trimester falls smack dab in the middle of that crazy Holiday Season, and I want to make sure we have everything done before it’s time to get all Oregon Trail through the Midwest. TO GRANDMOTHER’S HOUSE WE GO!

We’ll see how that goes. We haven’t started yet. So.

Wish us luck!


5 thoughts on “Pinspiration

  1. Aw I love all of these ideas! I’m not pregnant YET (we are going to shoot for next year) but my sister in law just had a little girl and they are living with us for awhile and they are about to plan her first birthday (in November) and it’s soooo fun! And just you know – I have a Pinterest board full of baby stuff and again, I’m not pregnant. I have to prepare! I absolutely love the one you love. The third to last picture – a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

  2. Not pinning baby stuff was probably the second hardest thing about first trimester. PINTEREST! Make private boards!

    I have that striped ceiling picture pinned in my baby board too.

  3. Love all of these!! Also, I just wanted to say HI and that I love your blog and I’m about to waste my whole afternoon looking through all your DIY projects! I love finding other bloggers from Columbus (by which I mean… you’re the first one so I got super excited about it). Also, your wedding was beautiful!

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