A Reprieve from OCD

One word: PHEW

Let me tell you something about our laundry room: I love it. There’s a big “but” in there, though. I love big butts and I cannot lie.

I love our laundry room, BUT every time I walked past the non-matching washer and dryer a little part of me died inside.


It was an involuntary twitch every time I walked into this room. A spasm. My OCD had trouble processing the information. It did not compute.

Enter Stage Right: My superhero best friend, Molly. She was selling her home and no longer had the need for her High Efficiency, basically brand-spankin’ new washer and dryer. Being the totally rad person that she is, she sold them to us for a fraction of what she paid for them, and… wait for it….
wait for it…..

Am I a lucky girl, or what? She also brought me gummy bears, but that’s beside the point.

After we finagled them off of the truck and into their new home my twitches and spasms disappeared.

If that’s not the whitest, brightest smile you’ve ever seen then, well, I just don’t think you understand how monumental this is.

That mirror definitely doesn’t make their butt look big.

They’re all fancy and electronic and make sounds that ape a space shuttle control room. I have my own little laboratory in here. My favorite sound is when I change the load from cool cool to warm cool. It’s like a delightful little electronic bird chirping a song it wrote just for me.

And THAT my friends is how you fix a miss-matched washer / dryer situation.

Step 1: Find a superhero best friend who likes to bring you gummy bears
Step 2: That same friend also needs to be selling their current washer and dryer
Step 3: Gummy Bear friend will deliver new appliances from Cincinnati to Indianapolis
Step 4: Cook said friend dinner

And that’s all you need to do to get this project done on your very own! Good luck!


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