Trim Your Bush

I’m probably going to get all kinds of random traffic to the blog today. If you came here in search of something else, my apologies.

Today’s post subject is simple, yet effective. It’s all about how 10 minutes spent taming your shrubs can make a world of difference. I’m not a big “yard work” person. I threw those quotes in there because if we were talking in person I would’ve most definitely done air quotes around that phrase. “Yard work” isn’t really my cup of tea, or rather, my flute of champagne.

BUT, something had to be done about this shrub outside of my kitchen window.

Every time I did dishes I got this nagging sensation that I needed a haircut because I couldn’t see out of my window. I don’t even have bangs, but I felt like they were covering my eyes.

Do you see that punk? Just blocking the window like he owns the place. I went out to investigate. Don’t think those pretty flowers were fooling me at all.

I busted out my $10 best-garage-sale-find-ever electric trimmers and went to town. Imagine me going all Edward Scissorhands on that bush. It was madness.

Olive oversaw the procedure. She was precisely just as bored in real life as she looks in this picture.

After I was done I was left with this beaut:

I may have lost a few flowers in the process, but it was well worth it. That electric trimmer is something I suggest all homeowners go out and purchase today. This project literally took me 10 minutes.

And it was awesome. I felt kind of like a bad ass, wielding my power tool. That’s what happens when Steve has to work on the weekends. I get all high and mighty and bust out my power tools. OUR power tools. Ok, his power tools. But, still.

I know this picture is terrible because the sun was SO BRIGHT and everything beyond the bush is washed out, but the point is that I CAN SEE NOW. I can see if Jason or Freddy Krueger tries to sneak up in front of the window now. OR A ZOMBIE! A few less things to be afraid of!

I love anything that yields a major improvement after only 10 minutes. So, what I’m saying ladies is take the time to trim your bush.

Happy Tuesday!


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