Photo Fun

Lucky for you I didn’t start off your morning by spelling “fun” with a “ph.” That would’ve been unforgivable. You’re welcome.

Steve and I have taken a short break from All Things House for the last few weeks – as you may have noticed – but I did do one quick project that was really fun, and managed to spice up a pretty boring hallway.

We had one of those photobooths at our wedding (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND), and since we had double prints made – one for us and for our guests – I had approximately 100 hilariously awesome photostrips stacked in a box in our closet. They needed to be displayed. Proudly. We had some underwear flashing, some bare chests, and a few make-out sessions (you know who you are), and that kind of incrimination needs to be displayed for the world to see.

I managed to snag three of these perfectly suited frames at the Indiana ReStore for a measly eight bucks.

I removed the matting and the nautical photos (which actually weren’t bad if you’re into that sorta thing), taped a piece of cut poster-board down to the frame backing, and lined up the first set of strips.


I simply measured where the middle top and bottom strips would go, and then eye-balled the rest from those anchors. It seems willy-nilly but it actually worked really well.

Here is one of them all said and done:

My OCD prefers that I keep things in straight lines, but if you’re more laid back you could try all different kinds of layouts with the strips. You could stagger them, or just lay them in there all scrapbook-y. I break out with cold sweats just discussing a non-symmetrical arrangement.

Just repeat that process for however many frames you have and BOOM! You have hallway artwork!

I had to pick out a few of my favorite strips to show you guys. (DISCLAIMER TO FRIENDS: Remember how much I love you, k?)

Admittedly, the pictures got increasingly naughty with the continued flow of alcohol, but that’s what weddings are for right? Getting drunk and making a fool of yourself! Should I tell you again how much I love our friends? Like, SO MUCH. They are pretty much the most awesome human beings in the entire galaxy. xo

Anywhoo, back to this rated PG post. Here is another shot down the hallway:

There is something so cool with the juxtaposition of the striped shower curtain and these striped photostrips. I love how they play off each other. That was totally not planned, by the way. I could lie to you and tell you it was, but yeah, no. It wasn’t. Yay for happy accidents!

That’s it folks! I took two weeks off and all I have for you is this measly 15 minute project. We have a lot in the works so I promise things are about to get EXCITING. Just hold on to your horses, okay?

Good luck charging through this Monday morning. My suggestions: coffee, coffee, and more coffee.


2 thoughts on “Photo Fun

  1. So nice to have you back; you write as if we’re just sitting around talking over coffee.
    By the way, based on the forecast in C-bus, make mine iced!!

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