Olive hates balloons. You’ve all seen it in pictures. Well, I have something even better for you, today: cinematic proof of her utter fear and disapproval.

This was right in the middle of putting away our new nightstands, and all of the banging you’ll hear is Steve installing the chandelier in the bathroom. It may not have gone quite as smoothly as I portrayed yesterday, which explains him spouting off halfway through the video. I could’ve edited it out (no I couldn’t have) but would rather just keep it real.

My favorite part is how she comes and sits by her mama at the end. Don’t worry Olive, I’ll protect you! Oh, dogs. Silly little guys.


3 thoughts on “Proof

  1. Olive is very cute! I just stumbled across your blog via Pinterest, and as a newlywed, my husband and I are decorating our first home! I love your blog and will definitely be stopping back again! 🙂

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