10 Dolla!

Remember when I told you guys about our garage sale finds? There was one particular treasure that I purposefully kept from you. I’m sorry, but it had to be done.

We scored this baby for 10 measly dollars. The gentleman who was selling it plugged it in right there on the spot, so we knew it worked, and then we promptly handed over a 10 dollar bill. Ya’ll.

Can you guess where it’s going? OH THE SUSPENSE. You’ll have to wait until the end of this post. NO CHEATING and scrolling to the bottom.

This weekend Steve rigged up this lovely contraption that our neighbors were surely thrilled with. It was the only way we could paint every nook and cranny.

You give my husband a pitch fork, a nail, and a cereal box and he’ll build all kinds of things. And yes, our grass looks like straw. I am not ashamed. It’s supposed to be 103° here tomorrow. Do you have any idea how ridiculous that is? Oh, my grass knows.

After a few coats of primer, Steve rigged a second “drying” contraption to be displayed in the shade of our garage.

After a few more coats of paint it was time to move inside…. TO THE MASTER BATHROOM. Ta da! That’s where this is going. I think I already told you that yesterday. Oh well.

We picked up this “can converter” kit from Mendards (for some reason Lowes and Home Depot didn’t carry it) and got to work.

After removing the can light, this is what we were left with:

And this is a before and after of the can converter installation:

I asked Steve how he always knows how to do this stuff and he just batted his pretty eyelashes and told me he just follows the directions on the package. It’s just so simple, isn’t it?

After a few curse words and huffs and puffs the chandelier was installed! (We still need to get a dimmer switch on this bad boy so excuse the blinding light.)

Doesn’t she look gorgeous? This bathroom hasn’t been visited by the decorating fairies yet so this was a welcome change. It really adds so much personality to the room.

I’d still like to switch out the vanity lights some day, and perhaps the faucets. Sigh. So much to do, but we’re definitely making progress!

Here’s my view from the tub, because I’m sure you’ve always wanted to know.

Now we just need to re-caulk around the tub, get some artwork on the walls, and this room will be close to done! It’s a lovely, serene place to start my day, and I love it oh, so much.

I’m on a teal kick these days. I want this room to feel very open, light, and ocean-y, so it really made sense. You can’t tell in this horrible lighting, but the walls went from dark green to light and bright antique white. I never thought I would purposefully paint a wall white, but I love the openness it brings to the space.

Now to brainstorm for some artwork…



4 thoughts on “10 Dolla!

  1. Wow, You have an amazing eye. I’m not generally a modern girl (I’m that country cottage type lol). So seeing the chandelier initially I’m like “What is she thinking?!” Of course I liked the primed look, but go you for being so bold! It looks great and I know it’ll be awesome when the whole room comes together!

  2. did you use metal paint? did you sand it first? if so, how? i have been thinking of doing this with the light fixture in my dining room (we just bought the house and it needs some attention)–any suggestions? did you use spray paint? thanks!

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