Mirror Mirror and the Nightstands

Hello! And a happy Tuesday to you all. This weekend was a blur so I’ll try to wrap it up as cohesively as humanly possibly.

First and foremost I took my lumberjack out for a surprise date on Saturday, where we visited Traders Point Creamery. For all of you Indianapolis people, I highly recommend checking it out! It’s an organic farm with this gorgeous and rustic “loft” that serves as the restaurant. All of the food comes straight off the farm and I don’t have enough good things to say about it, and what they’re doing over there. Bring your wallet, and perhaps your neighbors. It’s a wee bit pricey (READ: IT’S WHOA EXPENSIVE) We love supporting local, organic farms, so for a special treat it’s totally worth it.

After dinner we went and saw Snow White and The Huntsman, and IT WAS AWESOME. Another high recommendation from The Harpsters. (We also watched Win-Win on Netflix this weekend, and we think you should watch that one, too.)

Ok, ok. Enough with the weekend updates. You probably want to see those doggone nightstands that you know I was working on. Remember those little rascals that gave me so much trouble with the whitewashing?

Here’s what they looked like before the epic paint fail of last week:

(Excuse the atrocious lighting in the next series of pictures. We’re working on a new camera, I promise.) Here’s what they look like now, after priming, painting, and then ORBing the hardware:

You guys, I’m not going to lie to you: I don’t love them. I’m not even sure if I like them. But, the deed is done and if I want to change them all I’ll need is another coat of paint. They turned out way more cheerful-turquoisy-blue, and less moody-dark-teal than I wanted. They look too “country cottage” for my taste, but I’m going to live with them for a while.

We still need to ORB the lamps, and I think I’m actually going to take down the sconces. I need something less traditional above the bed to make this room feel more modern. We still need to get a bunch more furniture in this room, so once it starts to fill in I’m hoping these grow on me more. As in, I hope I don’t still hate them with every fiber of my being.

So, basically these $5 nightstands have turned out to be the bane of my existence, which makes me want to try EVEN HARDER to make them work. Now it’s a personal challenge. I MUST MAKE THEM WORK.

One other small, yet functional change we made to the master bedroom this weekend was the addition of a full-length mirror. You didn’t think “Mirror Mirror” in the headline was only alluding to the movie we saw, did you? My headlines have to work around here; but they receive insurance options and 401K benefits so don’t feel too sorry for them.

This $37.90 purchase was THE BEST BUY EVER. Seriously. I haven’t had a full-length mirror in the bedroom since we moved in (our apartment had closet-mirrors – classy, yet functional). You guys wouldn’t believe how much easier it is to get ready for work now. I’m sure my coworkers are relieved, too. No more awkward, “are you wearing that on purpose?” conversations.

Tomorrow I’ll show you guys the chandelier we installed in the master bathroom. It’s a real hoot, so stick around!





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