Gallery Wall – Revisited

Something is bugging me about the gallery wall. I can’t put my finger on it, but something is definitely bothering me. It might just be my obsessive compulsiveness to want to constantly change things, so as to not do any permanent damage I decided to invite my good friend Photoshop to play.

Here is the wall as it stands today:

Should all of the frames be painted the same tone? Possibly white or ivory?

If our house was filled with crisp white trim I might go along with that idea. But it’s still not working for me.

Perhaps they need to all be ORB’d (oil-rubbed bronze)?

That certainly matches our ORB’d hardware in the house, but it does feel quite heavy.

Maybe I just need to pare it down to three tones: ORB, white, and wood tone? (I have a few random turquoise frames in there, along with a couple of dark wood ones.)

So far, I think I like this one best.

But I have always been curious about painting them a yellow tone to match the wall color. That way the artwork really stands out and the frame recedes:

I don’t know. That could either look totally amazeballs or it could completely bomb.

After looking at the gallery wall in its simplicity like this, I realized the one thing that’s REALLY not working for me: that yellow Chicago print. The color is oh-so wrong for our new gold slash chartreusey wall color. It clashes bad. Real bad.

I reached out to the artist behind UNITEDTHREAD about a month or so ago about getting one of her prints oversized (currently she only offers the one I want in an 11×14) but no word yet. With the powers of photoshop I decided I will hold my breath until I hear back, because I think having My Favorite Print ever would really change the dynamic of this wall…

I think with the combination of a new print and painting the random gold/blue/dark wood frames, this wall would totally do it for me again. It would be the peanut butter to my jelly and the cheese to my pickles.

We’ll see. I will keep you guys updated on any gallery wall decisions, though. We are home this weekend (THE WHOLE WEEKEND!) and have a list of projects to tackle – this one not being one of them. It will just have to sit in my queue for a while longer.

Ye-HAW, it’s almost Friday!




9 thoughts on “Gallery Wall – Revisited

  1. Ok, first a disclaimer…. I’m just a humble nurse trying to tap her inner artist with painting lessons, so here’s my 12 cents: on first glance the desk bothers me size/scale wise. Try editing it out or making it bigger. (I long for your photoshop prowess).
    Second thing and this is hard for me as well— edit, edit, edit. Try fewer items and go a little more horizontal, with and without the desk. I think the idea of unified frame color is spot on, but picking colors is not my forte; however if you need your appendix out…..
    Best of luck! I look forward to all your entries and adventures.

  2. I love what you have already, so if you HAD to change anything: go with the three tones on all the frames. The yellow frames on the yellow wall made me shudder just a little. Gosh, how do you have so much energy for all of this!?

  3. As I was reading this post, I was thinking that it was the yellow print that was not quite right and then read your comment about it. So, I agree that it needs to go. I also like the idea of a selection of frame colours. You could try an arrangement that’s a little more geometric. Perhaps an upsidedown triangle shape. That would follow the lines of the top of the door frame and the desk. I, too, am impressed with your photoshop skills.

  4. I’ll throw my opinion in and say that my eye keeps getting drawn to the string/heart artwork, (and the light switch too) and I think it’s because it’s *un*framed. Maybe just framing/moving/replacing those would help?

  5. Your wedding photo broke the vertical line of the room by going above the door frame. Take it down from the grouping because it is a vertical photo and throwing off the visual flow where it is currently placed.

  6. My two cents would be to remove the wedding pic & clock, move the pic above the clock to where the wedding pic is then move everything a smidgen to the right, everything is way too close to the end of the wall. If you can move the lamp over a little to the right that would help too.

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