A New Knobby Knob

Let me set up a bit of a back story here. We let Olive out of our back door, into the backyard, every single day.

Every day – multiple times of the day – we struggled to get the door open. When we turned the handle on that door, the latch never pulled in all the way, so we had to give it a few pumps before the door would unlatch. ALSO it was impossible to lock. I had to put all of my weight on the door with a hefty heave-ho and simultaneously turn the deadbolt to get it to lock. Watching me open that damn door was like watching the choreography of Swan Lake, but much less graceful. I’m a grunter.

We eventually want to get rid of our brass door handles because A they’re ugly and B we can’t stand the shape of them. Just give us a nice, round knob. That’s what she said.

Instead of buying them all at once (!!$$$!!$!$!$) we started with just this back door over the weekend. I’ll admit it’s not the most visually impressive change we’ve accomplished around here, but HOLY HELL. Let me tell you guys how happy it makes me.

Imagine me waking up in the morning to let my little baby Olive outside to go potty. I approach the door, and with a simple flick of my wrist I turn the deadbolt open. AND THEN! And then I turn the door knob and the door opens with ease.

Did you guys hear the birds as they happily chirped for me? Did you see the squirrels give me a standing ovation? It’s getting all Cinderella up in here. BECAUSE THIS DOOR KNOB IS A DREAM COME TRUE. See what I did there? Suddenly my life feels like a fairy tale.

Here’s a close up of My Most Favorite New Family Member:

I totally should’ve taken a video of me trying to open the door before we changed out the knobs, and then one after. But the before would’ve been filled with expletives and desperation, and I probably would’ve been kicked out of the internet and/or shamed into never returning.

So, my apologies to you guys. I know this doesn’t look that exciting. But let me tell you what, I suggest you all go and buy yourself a non-sticking new knobby knob. It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


2 thoughts on “A New Knobby Knob

  1. Yes! I know EXACTLY how you feel. I just recently went through the same thing with our front door and after the new install I just opened and closed the door for over an hour and finally wept a little. It makes a BIG difference in one’s life. Fo sure!

  2. Hey! You could write about the latest dust bunny under the bed and Make it an adventure; same with the doorknob; let’s face it, there is a sticky widget in everyone’s life that drives them nuts!
    And it looks fabulous to boot… Which you no longer have to do to the door!

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