Paint Fail

Remember these $5 garage-sale nightstands I was so excited about?

Yeah, well. I tried to do this whitewashing technique on them over the weekend and I ended up with a big fat FAIL. It wasn’t the tutorial’s fault; it was actually very thorough and specific. I think it was a combination of a marred top surface and the realization that they aren’t completely solid wood. The top panel is only a veneer, which made sanding a bit precarious.

And just to keep it real, here are the pictures of my disastrous DIY attempt this weekend…

See how the surface is still really shiny? It wasn’t as easy as just sanding off the poly top-coat. If I sanded too much it would’ve skinned the veneer down to the bones.

Also, because of the oh-so-many dings and scratches, the white paint filled those holes and made them more obvious than before.

Sigh. I felt slightly defeated because there’s nothing more frustrating than setting up for a project, really committing to it, and then having it quickly fizzle out. Pfffttththhp.

But it’s okay. I’m glad I tried this technique because it was something I’ve been curious about for a while. And who knows? Maybe it would work on a difference piece of furniture somewhere down the line.

The good news is that these are still very paint-over-able. I knew if the whitewashing didn’t work out I would still be able to give them a solid coat of paint so they’d still be usable.

I was thinking of perhaps going a little loony and trying the teal route:

[image source]

I love how that guy looks like he’s smiling at you with his jolly double chin.

I’m also considering painting the nightstands the same color as the headboard, for a super anchored and unified look. If I do that, then the brass lamps will be painted a glossy teal.

I threw together a quick photoshop rendering, but it’s pretty crude, and not realistic at all. And ignore everything, like the blue chair, the pillows, and the lack of anything in the room.

Get the idea? I do like how having the headboard and the nightstands the same color gives some weight to that wall. Which is good, because that wall is so gosh-darn huge. Excuse this most annoying complaint, but our room is TOO BIG and I don’t know what to do with all of the space!

I’ve been scouring Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration on how to make this room feel balanced. Anyone have any link love they’d like to share?





6 thoughts on “Paint Fail

  1. I love the teal and not having all the furniture matchy-matchy (is that even a word?). Go for it! As far as filling the room maybe add accent rugs and a large grouping of art and/or photos on the wall. Maybe a larger piece of art over the headboard and sconces over the night tables.

  2. Thanks for sharing this post. I am new to your blog, and honesty like this is refreshing. My husband and I just purchased our first home this spring and it’s a real fixer upper. I started to follow your blog because I am overwhelmed at the number of projects on our list and needed some ideas on how to do a lot them. After a couple of reads I wanted to give up because I am not creative or talented enough for all these amazing posts. It’s a nice reality check to hear that I’m not the only one who struggles once and awhile and I don’t have to be superhuman to accomplish my list ( though I still think you are pretty superhuman) 🙂 thanks for the inspiration.

    • Nicki, thank you so much for the compliments. Let me tell you… I am overwhelmed all of the time! I think it’s natural to be overwhelmed when there are so many big decisions to make – especially when there are endless ways to do things. My biggest piece of advice is to do what you’re doing and keep scouring the internet for inspiration. No idea is a new idea 🙂 We all borrow from each other, so borrow away. Good luck with your new home! Just keep chiseling away, one small project at a time, and you’ll start to see the progress. Slowly but surely.

  3. Art. Go big or or go home. Seriously, get some art for the walls, perhaps layer an area rug.
    And I love the teal for the night stands. keep scouring…inspiration will hit you soon, I’m sure.

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