Help Me Help You

Hello and Happy Friday to my dear readers! Today I’m conducting a survey to know what you guys want to see more of. If you’d like to see something that’s not included in the survey, please leave a comment for me! (NO I will not be posting naked pictures of my lumberjack. Nice try.)

Thanks for taking the time to answer; I am always looking for feedback!

Have a radical weekend, everyone!

21 thoughts on “Help Me Help You

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  4. I love everything you post on here. From cute little decorating ideas to the how to’s. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  5. I also wanted to vote for more than one. So I voted for Olive, since I think she’s the reason I started following. If I could have clicked on more than one, they would have been: Daily Life, Tutorials, Creative Solutions, Olive!, Harpster Home and cow bell, if you have any.

  6. I’m not sure when I began to follow your blog; it might have been the Heart of Ohio project, but I love your blog. It’s a slice of life, how two young people are making their way and letting us peek in your windows (or is it a Mac?). So my vote is all of the above because that was always the best answer on any test I took.
    Happy life and keep on bloggin!

  7. I found your site through Pinterest and the Ohio string art. (I was born in Ohio) I wanted to vote for more than one idea, you are both so creative. I look forward to seeing more. Diane

  8. I just discovered your page because I want to try string art and Pniterest showed your fantasic tutorial. Question – what kind of thread/string did you use? I have tons of DMC floss from when I used to actually do cross stitch. Is that strong enough?

  9. I am also from Columbus and want to tackle this project. I have one question before I begin … how did you figure out how far apart to put the nails?

  10. Don’t have a website. Loved your tutorial on the Ohio string art project. Thank you for clear instructions.

  11. Just read your blog & project tutorial. I totally vote for Olive, Is she a Boxer mix? She has the same color markings as my Abby, my dog is Golden Retriever/Shepherd mix, love the mutts their so smart! Show more of Olive!! 🙂

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