Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

Who’s the fairest dog of them all? Why, OLIVE of course!

I don’t believe I have shown you guys my treasures from the latest antique mall extravaganza and the Art Festival I mentioned visiting for my Dad’s birthday weekend.

I snagged this mirror at the antique mall in my neck of the woods for 30 bones. I thought that was a steal considering mirrors are always so dang expensive.

And Olive is clearly the fairest of them all. I mean, come on. Just look at that semi-permanent nervous looking expression.

The next two finds were from The Delaware Art Festival in Ohio. Good ole Ohio. I never thought I would miss my home state so much.

Isn’t that just gorgeous? The artist hand-makes all of these boxes with love and tenderness, and even places a few strategically placed surprises in the drawers…

Great. Now I just told The Internet where my stash is hidden.

I keed, I keed. Sadly, I don’t actually have anything occupying these drawers yet. Any ideas? It’s sitting just behind the couch, nestled between the cocoon lamp and house plant. Even though I’m not using it practically yet, it was too beautiful to resist.

The other art festival find was a deliciously loud-ticking clock.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. For some reason that’s a really soothing sound to me. I get to hear it every night when I cook dinner.

I decided that my new clock and mini chest of drawers reproduced to spawn Cogsworth from Beauty and The Beast. The mystery is solved. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

I also made a visit to my favorite nursery in Indy. I have wanted a dramatically large jade plant for I can’t even remember how long and my wish finally came true.

Are you ready to behold this beauty?

Did you even know that Jade flowered? ME EITHER! I saw this baby and knew it had to be mine. Excuse the doorway placement… that’s just for the photograph. We still need hang this beaut somewhere where she can be displayed in all of her magnificent splendor.

I happened to find The Most Perfect Ever hanging basket for her, too, at the antique mall.

Can’t you just see how this whole thing is going to go together? I might start worshiping it. That’s how in love I am. This just got awkward.

Ok, so the final antique store purchase was about 24 vintage handkerchiefs; to show them to you we have the beautiful Olive, modeling her little heart out.

I plan on making a bunting banner out of these, but this project is way down in the queue so I’ll just have to be patient.

I think Olive is ready for this project to be started, worked on, and completed.

Welp, those are all of my new treasures. The “one man’s trash” saying really does ring true around here.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a credenza update!


11 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

  1. You have the COOLEST dog! She’s so sweet. Love the hanging basket, would be great for fruit or onions or something along that line, love the clock and the plant! I do not have a green thumb so don’t even try.

  2. I love “visting with you” over coffee each morning, Moryia! LOL I have a suggestion for what to put in the little boxes: written memos of hopes, dreams, annual goals; or dated accounts of special memories! I can think of nothing else that such a special box might deserve!
    Your house is beautiful. And so are you!:)
    Kathy (your mom and dad’s neighbor)

    • Haha thanks Kathy!! I love your suggestion of what to put in the drawers of the little box. We need to go sailing next time we’re home for a visit! Hope all is well. See you soon!

  3. Moriya, I just love your blog! I so enjoy all of your projects and you have such a good eye for decor. Olive is great and I love that she is the star of so many entries. I live vicariously through you as my adventure into home ownership is somewhat stalled. We don’t have one room finished yet. We’ve run out of money and energy. I’m going to take a week off from work in July and really give it a good push. I need to hang things on the wall and decorate!

    What do I miss about Columbus? The consignment shops in the Short North!!

    Best to you, Steve, and Olive!

    • Thank you so much Bridget!! As you start chiseling away at your home you need post pictures on FB! I would love to see them. Good luck. Hope all is well!

  4. I love your blog!!! I just spent like a bajillion hours reading all of your posts, and I think you, Steve, and Olive are fantastic. Keep it coming! 🙂

  5. I love your blogs!! I also live in Indy- and am curious what the name of your favorite greenhouse is! I live on the south side and love Gary Greenhouse, but there are many wonderful ones here to choose from!

    • Thanks Tara! The nursery is called Habigs and it’s up on the north side, across the street from Whole Foods on 82nd street. I’ll have to check out Gary Greenhouse… I’ve never heard of it! Thanks for the tip.

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