Olive vs. Balloons

Proud Wife Announcement: Steve got a promotion! His hard work and dedication to his company have paid off, and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Literally. I don’t think there is one more ounce of proud left in me at this moment. I’m beaming! He’s pretty excited, too.

“Awww!” you say? “What a photo op!” you say?

No. Not even close.

Out of all of the weird things we make olive wear / balance / smell <– that one’s all Steve, this was one photo opportunity that was nearly impossible to get.

She began by acting coy and hiding behind the chair. Her eyes were firmly planted on those evil, never-know-where-they’ll-float-next balloons.

She skeptically bypassed the obstacles so she could get a better look. Her concern grew with each reflection off the mylar.

She stood watch for a few moments before I called her closer.

I finally got her to stand next to them — since this picture was supposed to be just Olive and the balloons.

She was already beginning to back away from the air-filled devils.

Round two, still extremely unsure. Her pals at Doggy Day Care would be so embarrassed by this behavior.

She wouldn’t sit still more than a nanosecond so we had to involve the man of the hour. Hey, I wasn’t complaining. Just look at that scruff.

So, congratulations to my lumberjack / my husband / my best friend. I’m so proud of you! (And you too, Olive. You showed those balloons who’s boss.) Hip hip HOORAY!


3 thoughts on “Olive vs. Balloons

  1. So happy I found your blog – love your style, tips and humor! Laughing at this post as our dog is so afraid of balloons! So much so, that I desperately want an arc lamp in the living room, but every time I try, he won’t enter the room, giving it the scared/evil eye! Ahhh… what we sacrifice for our pets : ) Congrats to You and your husband!

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