A Little Changaroo

Remember these white Anthropologie hooks I bought that spell “hello” in our foyer?

As much as I loved them there was no pizazz, no spark, no HELLLOOOOO! Well, I suppose technically it does say hello, but still. It was missing something.

After many weeks contemplating this very issue, (yes, these are the kinds of first-world-problems I think about when I’m in the shower) I decided they needed to be painted. PAINTED? You ask. YOU’RE GOING TO PAINT EXPENSIVE HOOKS FROM ANTHRO? Yes, yes I am.

I’m also going to add a mirror! Call me crazy, but I thought it would work. And it does indeed work. I didn’t take any pictures of the painting because, well, once you’ve seen it one time you’ve seen it enough.

So imagine The Lumberjack being all studly and hanging the mirror and the hooks with his power tools. Yum.

And here is what we have now:

It feels SO. MUCH. BETTER. to me now. The entry feels much more open with the mirror in there, and it actually reflects quite a bit of light into that dark little corner.

And now the hooks finally feel anchored. Before they were floating all up in la la land with no real focal point. Now, they’re married to the mirror. I now pronounce you Hook and Mirror. Because clearly they are in love and you should be able to marry whoever you love. DID I JUST GET POLITICAL? Gasp.

Steve suggested we clean the mirror. And then he got the window cleaner and went to town.

Yes, ladies, he hangs up all my stuff… and then he CLEANS IT. I know. You can’t have him; he is all mine, forever and ever.

While he was cleaning I got all sidetracked like I normally do when I see something shiny. I wondered off to take a picture of a plant on our mantle in the twilight. It only gets like this for a short sliver of time in the evening, and it’s my favorite light of the entire day.

Ooooooh. Magical.

So, what do you think? Vast improvement? It made a world of difference to me.

The foyer feels so much more “done” now.

Now that that’s checked off my list I’m going to have to find something else to think about while showering. Perhaps we’ll finally tackle the hideous teddy-bear border paper in the third bedroom? Or maybe we’ll get around to sanding and staining our kitchen table? Sigh. So many projects; so little time. Ope. That reminds me we still have the nightstands to get started on.

I have to go and make lists now. Lots of lists. Have a terrific Tuesday!


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