Mea Culpa

This post is all about keepin’ it real. Sometimes I kill plants, I admit it. Because I have so many and because of my moniker “Crazy Plant Lady,” one would assume that I never have any trouble keeping them alive. Well, that’s just not the truth.

This blog is about the successes as well as the failures, so please turn your attention to  EXHIBIT A:

Remember my coffee-table succulents that I pulled from my backyard? Well….. yeah. They’re not doing so hot.

I have a few theories, so I decided to pull the trigger, buy some new ones, and give it another try. You know, get back on the succulent horse. Or whatever.

Are those just so adorable? I kind of want to eat them. I know they would taste terrible but I just want to take a big adorable bite out of one.

What would a project be without my little helper, who is never more than two feet away from me?

Notice the concern in her furrowed brows. She’s really hoping this goes well.

So, here is what I suspect was the problem:

Under the soil I used these large rocks from our landscaping for drainage. I think because the dish is so shallow and these rocks are so huge, the succulent roots didn’t have anywhere to go.

I remembered that we had extra gravel from our fire pit, which I thought would be the perfect size drainage rocks.

I’m holding one of the old drainage rocks so you can see the size difference. Much better, right? Well, I hope so.

I refilled the dish with soil, and gingerly planted my succulents and placed the decorative rocks.

I loved my free succulents, but I am obsessed with the different colors of these guys. I am now the proud owner of a multicultural succulent bowl.

Here she is in her home on the coffee table. Please note how fabulous the credenza looks in the background.

What do you think? Any tips on keeping these babies alive? I asked the nice lady at the nursery for any reason why she thinks I may have killed the old ones and she told me they may have just been not getting enough water. Because I pulled them in from outside, they were probably used to much more of the elements: rain and snow. I’m going to keep a close watch on these new babies.

I have garage sale and antique store finds to share with you later this week, as well as a front entryway switcheroo.

Did you guys all have a great weekend? Get any projects done?

TGIM! No? Well, okay then.


4 thoughts on “Mea Culpa

  1. Are they getting enough sun? I have always thought that because they are ” succulents” and store water in their leaves, less water is better than more. But I think your smaller drainage gravel is a good idea.
    Good luck, keep us posted.

  2. I was going to buy a lovely succulents arrangement last weekend from our local farmer’s market. Unfortunately, the lady told me that they needed to be on a sunny patio or some other sunny place! My house is mostly shaded and I really wanted the little lovies to be inside where I could enjoy them everyday. No succulents for me. 😦

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