Skeletons in our Garage

I have a dark secret. A very dark secret.

Our garage hasn’t been touched since the day we moved in.

As in, all of the junk that we plopped on the counter tops and stacked in the corner on move-in day haven’t moved. I know. I’m ashamed of myself.

It looks much worse when you’re all up in it. Old paint cans everywhere, tools stacked like the worst Jenga game you’ve ever seen. Just absolute chaos.

We were able to use some of the hooks from the previous home owners, but for the most part stuff was just leaning against the walls.

We had a lot to tackle last weekend so instead of taking on the entire garage we settled on just half of it. It seemed more manageable and probable that it would actually get done if we cut the job in half.

Here is what’s wrong with this picture:

It may not look all that bad but the way this side of the garage was set up wasn’t practical and needed a good cleaning. Jimmy Hoffa could’ve been stuffed behind that pressure tank and we wouldn’t have even known it.

First step was to pull everything away from the wall, start cleaning, and get rid of what we don’t want (which was basically everything in that white cabinet — left over from the previous home owners, of course).

We sprayed down the white cabinet with the hose once it was empty, and obviously Olive got sprayed down, too. Because, we had the hose out… why not? Every time she gets a bath she darts around like an escaped mental patient.

Also, as we were in the midst of our cleaning session I spotted this:

If that isn’t just the smuggest skeleton face I’ve ever seen. That expression looks like he ripped a huge fart and is just waiting for the room to get hit with the funk.

Are you ready for the most non-dramatic reveal ever?


I know it doesn’t look like much, but trust me when I tell you this feels like an entirely different space now.

Here’s a break down so you don’t have to scroll all the way to the top:

Getting out of my car is so much less stressful now. I don’t have to shimmy past all of the junk to get in the house anymore. We took a bunch of old gardening and yard chemicals to Tox Drop (dispose of those properly!!) which really cleared out that white cabinet. Now it’s virtually empty and when we tackle the other side of the garage we can load it with tools.

It felt really good to be able to re-purpose our old TV stand as a vertical shelf, too. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, people! All of those loose, small items that were scattered on the garage floor now have their very own cubby. Just like kindergarten.

Oh, and you could totally eat off that pressure tank, now. And behind it. Just sayin’.

Now all we have to do is organize the second half. ALL WE HAVE TO DO. See how I just made that sound really easy? Yeah, it’s not. Steve wants to come up with a “plan.” Plans make things sound like a lot of work.

I suggested just throwing everything away but got vetoed.

Have you guys been up to any spring cleaning? Doesn’t it feel good to get rid of stuff? Olive better watch her back: I’m on a purging kick.







2 thoughts on “Skeletons in our Garage

  1. LOL – your mess is my organized. Even the paint cans in the ‘before’ picture are stacked nicely. Be glad Steve is organized like you. I’m fighting a losing battle with JR.

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