Another Splended Weekend

Man, if I don’t blog until Thursday of any given week, if sure feels like my months are filled with weekends. I have more weekend updates for you today. But I am warning you I am nowhere near as funny as Tina Fey. Tina Fey, if you are reading this I would really like to be your friend. Or even Liz Lemon’s friend. Two in the same, right?

Ok, focus. Weekend. We had a rip roarin’ good time! We got a few projects done that I’m going to share in more depth in a separate post (I know, go ahead and roll your eyes) like cleaning and organizing half of the garage and sewing a few more pillows. But here are some of the highlights:

Sconces! Finally! We hung three out of the four over the bed. One of them was broken and I was always afraid it was going to shatter and sprinkle little shards of death upon us while we slept. Three felt like a better fit, anyway.

I’m just going to say one thing: I recommend candles in the bedroom. And before this gets any creepier I’m just going to move on to the next topic.

Steve hung my “see the back of my head while I do my hair” mirror in the bathroom. This may not seem like a big deal but you have no idea how much I learned about my backside this weekend. I can see it all now! Still debating if that’s good or bad news.

There are a kajillion garage sales this coming weekend, but we decided to hit one up on Memorial Day. And I’m glad we did because we scored a pair of nightstands for our master bedroom!

Use your imagination. I REPEAT: use your imagination. A few coats of paint and some new hardware ought to welcome these babies to 2012.

It’s all in the details. These babies had me at the faux keyhole and detailing in the woodwork.

Oh yeah. And they also had me at the price tag. HIGH FIVE.

And when did garage sales get so fancy? Printed prices? Oooh lah lah!

Angela and Christian taught us Dominoes last time they were in town, and we went out and bought a set after they left. We’ve been playing it pretty much non stop since then. It’s addictive!

Olive helped out a little bit. Or napped. Whatever.

It’s adorable how she meanders through our playing field, though. She wants to get right up in our business but manages to step around all of the Dominoes without knocking anything over. Bravo Olive, bravo.

Forever a goof ball. I wish you could see the ferocity with which her tail wags as she’s pushing the limits of Dominoes tightrope walking.

More project pictures from the weekend to come later this week! It was so nice to just relax and work on the house again. There is nothing more exciting for us than crossing things off our to-do list. Oops! Our Nerd is showing!


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