In The Bedroom

Are my bedroom references making you uncomfortable? Have no fear, I’m only referring to our new bed that we just assembled. I mean, if you’d like me to make you uncomfortable I totally can… no? OK, then. Moving on.

It arrived in two packages, and to be quite honest I was a little nervous to assemble it because I heard some pretty negative reviews about missing screws and overall bad directions on how to put it together. Oh the joys of bargain shopping.

The first thing we did was lay out all of the parts and figure out how it needed to go together. My task was the headboard.

It required screwing in four screws + washers so my task was over in about three and a half minutes.

I’m just realizing that Steve gives me these projects so I will stay out of his hair when he’s working on the bigger pieces. Like a child. It’s okay, it means I get to take arsty-fartsy pictures of screws. Short attention span over here, people.

I think this is probably the cutest thing ever. My husband quite literally sits like a kid when he is working on the floor, putting something together. You can imagine that in his hands he’s holding several Legos, on the brink of discovering how to build the coolest pirate ship EVER.

Don’t you want to grab each toe and go through the “this little piggy” poem? I do. Is that weird? He is just so adorable sometimes I can’t help myself.

As always, Olive oversaw the operation from a safe distance.

You know, because of the loud noises screwing those screws in, and all of those new, strange shadows that were cast on the walls. One can never be too safe.

Let me remind you of what our room looked like right after we moved in, up until we had it painted…

This next photo of the new bed isn’t from the exact same angle (I have to get better at that whole “before and after” thing) but here it is!

And excuse the bad light, the bed took a little longer to put together and the sun had started to wane, but here is a wide-angle shot:

I am in love with it. Just having a legitimate bed makes the room feel so much more together, and I’m obsessed how it matches the temple rubbing. They go together like peas and carrots, and like temple rubbings and beds.

This next picture is probably the truest in terms of color.

Luckily we had no problem putting it together. All the parts were there, as well as all of the screws and washers. We can only conclude the people leaving the reviews were “special” because it was quite simple to put together.

We still have miles to go in this room, but it’s finally starting to feel like a master bedroom.

I’m going garage-saleing this weekend and I’m hoping to score some awesome nightstands and/or a dresser. Anything we can find second-hand will make this room come together for less, which means we can spend that money elsewhere. (Dear Husband, your wife would like a new DSLR Canon. Love, Anonymous.) Oh dear! Who would write such a thing? You never can trust the internets anymore. With all of the hackers and such.

Olive cared thismuch about the new bed. She focused her attention outside. As always. You never know; there could be someone out to get us AT ALL TIMES. You must always stand guard. That’s her philosophy. Wind can be dangerous, you know.

Anyone have any fun plans for the long, holiday weekend? I hope you have a few days or a few hours set aside for yourself. You need that every once in a while. I most certainly do! I plan on reconnecting with my sewing machine in the next few days. It’s the cheapest therapy I’ve ever come across.

Have a splendid weekend, everyone!


8 thoughts on “In The Bedroom

  1. Hey bargain shopper. If your husband reads that anonymous note, maybe you could SELL someone your old camera? Like a friend with a new baby who has lots to take pictures of? Just appealing to your thrifty nature. LOVE THE BED.

  2. Oh my goodness! I have to tell you that my husband sits that same way!!! Whether he’s putting together electronics, furniture, or playing games. It’s SOOO cute!!! love it. And love the bed! I really does look great!

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