Helloooooo! Did you think I had vanished to Abu Dhabi to never return? Abu Dhabi is always my go-to “middle of nowhere” place. I blame Garfield and Nermal.

We had a jam-packed weekend and I’m here on Thursday to share it with you. Yes, I know how pathetic that is. I don’t share too many personal pictures here, so to make up for my absence I thought I would reward you guys with a post chock-full of ’em. Does that feel like a bribe? Probably. Does anyone really care? Hopefully not.

Our weekend started after the drive back to Columbus Friday night when our dearest friends Marci and Jonathan came to visit us at my parents house and brought their 5 month old daughter, Caroline. I don’t have any pictures. BAD BLOGGER. I know, I know. She is stinkin’ cute though, let me tell you. I got to see her smile for the first time which basically melted my heart into the sappiest puddle of love.

On Saturday, Steve and I woke up bright and early and headed to the Columbus Zoo — one of my favorite places on earth.

Here are a few of my favorite animals:

These guys stopped me in dead in my tracks.

(Sorry about the time stamp. We were using my parents camera and finally realized it was on there after 15 pictures or so.)

Have you ever seen a bat? Theyre hideous! Lifeless, beady eyes; clawed feet; huge, grotesque wings, and fangs!!!!” — Ace Venture

Bats are pretty cool. Probably the one topic that Ace and I don’t agree on.

The best part of going to the zoo early, is you get front row seating to this:

That gal was really a beauty. I could’ve sat and watched her all day.

You can’t tell me that elephants aren’t the happiest animals that ever lived. Look at that grin!

And here’s a baby elephant for you, just to check off my cuteness quota for the day:

Ok, wait. I take that back. Sting rays are the happiest:

And koalas are The Most Stoned Looking:

He hit the bong a little too hard. We just missed his Funyun and Fritos binge.

Kangaroo! I love how she looks just Olive when she’s sleepy. One paw over the face as if to say: “It’s toooo early mom. GO AWAY.”


The orangutans always blow my mind. They are so human-like and incredibly intelligent. Watching her was like looking into a mirror. A hairy mirror, but still.

And same thing with the gorillas. This guy was hiding under a trash can that he dragged up onto this platform. He would peak out every so often to check out the situation.

After the afternoon at the zoo we were wiped out. But! We still had many fun things to do. So, after a nap and a shower we were off.

First stop: Northstar… my favorite restaurant in all the land. If you live near Columbus and have never tried it, you are in for a treat my friend.

It’s impossible for Steve to take a normal picture, FYI.

After dinner we met up with our friends Sam and Brett to hit up the AVETT BROTHERS CONCERT. And yes, I’m yelling that. Because that’s how excited I was. They are my favorite band. Ever. Hands down. And our friends are pretty cool, too. **loooove you guys!

Sam may or may not be flipping Brett the bird. I have a feeling it has something to do with his mustache.

This is right around the time that I died.

Every time I see them live it feels like a dream come true.

After the concert we met up with a few more friends at a bar, and as tired as I was it filled my heart up to see everyone again. We are the luckiest and have the best group of Columbus friends.

What. A. Day.

Phew. I’m tired just telling you about it.

But wait! We still have one more day left… and it’s the most important day. Do you know why? It was my dad’s 66th birthday! We spent the day at the Delaware Arts Festival (a blog post revealing our goodies to follow), and then stopped by one of my favorite places in Dublin: the O’Shaughnessy Dam.

It was such a special day. Gorgeous weather and just hanging out with my parents. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Aren’t they the best? Well too bad. You can’t have them — they’re mine.

My dad is serious about 3% of the time, and the rest he is just a big goof ball. The entire weekend he kept singing “Haaaaappy Biiirthday tooooo MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” so we felt like this cake was fitting. He got a kick out of it.

It still makes me laugh. I can still hear him singing that damn song. The next morning he was still singing it but replaced “birthday” with “day-after-birthday.” Oh yes. It continued.

That was our weekend! It was delightful and I enjoyed reliving the whole thing by writing this post. I hope you guys liked all of the pictures and forgot how I haven’t posted in a few days.

I do have bedroom-related news to share! (Remove your head from the gutter immediately.) Our bed arrived and I’ll have pictures to share soon!

Until then, stay awesome. ❤


5 thoughts on “Bribery!

  1. I can’t believe you dropped an Ace Ventura line in your blog…are you the Ohio version of me???? “I have exerciiiiiiised the demons. This house….is clear” (<= in exaggerated Southern accent). Haha…glad to see you had a great time with friends and fam!

  2. I hope you got to see the polar bears; I love the way they swim around then jet to the surface right in front of your shocked-and-amazed face. We toured the zoo on my birthday last October (the most beautiful month to have a birthday) and I felt like they opened the place up just for us to stroll around! Glad you had a wonderful time.
    Come often , bring friends.

  3. I truely enjoyed that post. I’ve been checking in every day this week and FINALLY here it is! I did a happy dance in my chair at work just so you know. Keep up the good work girl 😉

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