Some Artist Love: Part III

I know cleared this up last time, but that should read “Part Three” not “Part Eye Eye Eye.” I know I probably don’t have to say that but you guys know that would bug me if I didn’t at least try to clear up any possible confusion.

Eye Eye Eye. I actually sorta like that better.

NEW ART! Ready? Because it’s going to be a challenge for me not to whip out my credit card and order some of this stuff. I ordered some feather prints from the last artist post after I wrote it, so we’ll see what happens after this one.

The next three posters are for my ALL TIME FAVORITE BAND: The Avett Brothers. There is a remarkable series of posters on and here are three of my favorites:

(Steve love skulls – so I have a feeling he’d be all for this one.)

So, a few things about the above poster: A.) It’s a tree – we all know how I feel about trees. B.) The date is my birthday. C.) The location is where I currently live. Would anyone argue with me if I felt as though this one was meant to be?

**TOTALLY RELATED SIDE-NOTE: We’re going to see them this weekend. I. Can. Hardly. Wait.

This next one just cracks me up.

It reads: “Oh great. Who invited the herbivore?” “I brought hummus.” Who doesn’t love a little vegetarian dinosaur humor? No one. That’s who.

I kind of want this rug, so having a print of it is just the next best thing:

I don’t know what it is, exactly, that I love so much about this next one. It’s so serene while being extremely vibrant.

I love how it looks folded. This is how that conversation would go with my husband:

Me: I love how it looks folded.
Him: You mean you love how it looks old.
Me: No, worn. Not old. It’s charming.
Him: You mean it’s old and used. Admit that you like buying things that are old and used.

Touché. I suppose when you boil it down he’s right. YES STEVE. I said you are right. Moving along now.

One can never go wrong with an ampersand print.

OH and those lines. They kill me.

And, last but not least, for a girl who thinks Twitter is obnoxious:

Hahaha I love it. Thanks for the update Todd Sparrow.

Welp. That’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed the latest installment of Some Artist Love. I hope you all are having the sunshine we’re having! Soak it up, people.





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