Bedroom Business

Aside from the new paint, our bedroom has been untouched pretty much since we moved into our house. It’s a bunch of hodge-podge furniture and it’s essentially a clean slate. It also happens to be the next room on our to-do list.

I have always planned on letting the temple rubbing be the jumping off point for what I want to be a tranquil design in there. The bedroom should be the one room in your house that is like your temple, where you go to recharge. Makes sense for the rubbing off of a temple wall to take center stage, right?

Linda and my mom came through for us this weekend, and were able to fit this behemoth of an art piece in their car. Steve and I now get to bask in its glory every morning. It greets me after opening my eyes surely begging to yell out, “Good morning to you!”

Could that chartreuse coverlet be anymore yummy with the grays, and ivories, and all that texture? Leaving my nest in the morning is getting tougher and tougher.

Here’s a close up so you can see just how textural this piece really is:

It’s amazing what charcoal on rice paper can do for a space. My mom told me while she was here that I was correct in telling you guys that this was purchased in Singapore, but the actual temple rubbing was achieved in Cambodia. I would love to learn more about what temple it is actually from — which would probably require some serious research. We just watched Girl with the Dragon Tattoo last night and I’m feeling all James Bondy right now.

Here’s the whole view of how it fits in the room:

I couldn’t have expected anything else to fit any better in that space. It’s like the whole house was built knowing that we would one day purchase it, and then hang this piece of artwork across the bed. Life is all about the little things, and this little bit of perfection really makes me happy.

As of right now the only items staying in this room are: the brand-spankin’ new art piece, the wondrous and beautiful coverlet, and the eloquent gray curtains. I do believe these three items will give me plenty to work with when selecting new pieces and furniture for this room.

In totally related Big Bedroom News….. drum roll please……..

We finally ordered a bed! After too many months of searching we finally found one that all three of us loved (Steve, myself, and our wallet).

Isn’t that beauty going to fit wonderfully in the bedroom? We thought we wanted a reclaimed wood bed, but the more we thought about it seemed that a soft, plush bed would be more cozy. We do have plans to add some lovely textural and reclaimed wood pieces elsewhere in the room (dresser and/or night stands).

So, that’s the plan so far. Nothing concrete, but it does feel like this room is slowly starting to come together. I also need to decide what color to paint our beautifully-shaped-but-brassy thrift store lamps. I’m thinking glossy black, or possibly an ivory. Exciting decisions, people!

I do still have pictures of the credenza that I CAN HARDLY WAIT to show you guys, but I want to wait until our tangled mess of cords are finally stashed away. Right now it looks like a techie spider shot cord webs all over it. Steve will have to do a little drilling to make room for the cords that will need to come out the back, so until then you’ll just have to wait. Let me tell you just one thing: it was definitely love at first place-furniture-in-place.

I’m feeling all cartoonishly in love with my new pieces. There are practically little illustrated hearts fluttering over my head. I can’t get too distracted, though. We’re preparing for a big cookout this weekend, so I’ll also have backyard pictures to share later on this week.

I know it’s so much excitement you can hardly stand it. TAKE A DEEP BREATH.

Ok. That is all. Happy Tuesday everyone!




One thought on “Bedroom Business

  1. Is not too hard to find out more about the temple rubbing. It is undoubtedly from Angkor Wat and there are many books with descriptions of this temple being the largest and, I believe, most restored. I have a book my husband bought from a child at the temple gates. It is called Ancient Angkor by Michael Freeman ISBN 9748225275. Your rubbing is from a 94m bas-relief of a military procession in the South Gallery and shows the king himself. The temple was built in the early 12th century during the reign of Suryavarman ll.
    Hope this is enough information that you can search more detail easily.

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