Bundles of Joy Set to Arrive

This weekend two of my favorite women are gracing me with their presence: my mom, and her best friend Linda. (If you read about our wedding in the tab above, we had our wedding at Linda’s house, AND she married us!)

I’m so excited to have them here and to finally be able to show Linda the house. I’m sure we’ll spend the evening gabbing, ingesting copious amounts of wine, and hanging out on the deck; the three of us have a grand ole time together.

Not only are the two of them visiting — which would’ve been enough — but they are driving here in Linda’s beastly SUV which is (hopefully) big enough to bring……. MY CREDENZA! You guys didn’t forget about the most perfect antique shop find in the world, did you?

Here she is to jog your memory:

My levels of excitement are off the charts. I am finally going to have this baby in my house, where she belongs. You better believe I’m going to take a kajillion pictures for you guys. Is it weird that I want to sleep out in the family room with her on her first night at home? I just want her to feel comfortable. Give her a glass of water if she’s thirsty. You know, the usual way to treat a new piece of furniture.

As if I needed anymore excitement, they’re hoping to fit a few more large objects that have been held hostage at my parents house because of a lack of transportation options.

Behold, The Temple Rubbing:

This picture is about 7 years old, and it’s from my old house where I had this bad boy proudly displayed in my family room. Isn’t it stunning? I want it for our bedroom, but that entire sheet of glass is fragile, heavy, and huge, so we’ve had no way to get it here in the past. If it fits in Linda’s car I am going to probably freak out. I’ve been longing to have this back in my home since we moved in.

As I’m sure you’ve already assumed, this artwork was passed down to me from my parents, like most of my artwork. It was originally a gift from my Aunt to my parents — from Singapore, I believe — that they had framed. Collecting interesting artwork is really becoming a passion of mine. I’m lucky to have parents who once felt the same.

And last but not least in this SUV / Tetris extravaganza is a large cedar chest from my parents bedroom that I’d like to put at the foot of our bed.

That picture isn’t the actual chest — just something similar I found on Google — but it gives you the idea. My parents cedar chest looks almost identical, but without the scrolly bottom.

Can you imagine what their car is going to look like loaded up? We’ll see if it all fits. My main concern is getting them here safely, then the credenza, and anything else is just a total bonus. After they leave Saturday morning there’s a good chance I’m going to have a tea party with all of my new furniture and artwork. To get re-antiquated. Oh, how I’ve missed them.

I can’t wait to see my mom and Linda, and as if that wasn’t exciting enough… our two dear friends Angela, and Christian are coming to visit us on Saturday! (They were mentioned in this post.) This weekend is going to be full of good times. It’s only Thursday and already I’m getting so excited. I just have to make it through two more days…



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