Wallpaper Be Gone


Remember when our guest bathroom looked like this?

I know. You probably just puked in your mouth a little. It’s okay. I did, too. I think my favorite part about this bathroom was the beautiful photograph of Venice over the toilet. I thought perhaps it would distract from the terribly dated and pealing wallpaper. It didn’t.

The painters removed the wallpaper and I finally got around to decorating this bathroom. I didn’t spend a single dollar (except for the fabric to make the shower curtain), so remember that this was a F-R-E-E makeover.

How you doin’ stripes?

I clearly need to get better at taking pictures in small rooms. I do believe I was laying on the floor to get this picture, and I definitely remember a certain dog cleaning my face with her tongue.

Although I don’t think the pictures do this room any justice, this room feels like a completely different space. In person it’s much lighter and brighter, and feels more open.

Here is the view from the guest room, overlooking the green comforter.

I stole the baskets from our coffee table because don’t they look like they were just made for these shelves? They are functional, yet delightful. Painting the shelves the same color as the wall was definitely the way to go. It was a little too much wood — if you know what I’m sayin’.

And here’s the side by side comparison so you don’t have to strain your index finger by scrolling all the way up to the top of this post:


It’s pretty phenomenal what a little paint can do. OH, and 10 hours of wallpaper removal. YES IT TOOK THEM 10 HOURS. And it was worth every penny.

I would still eventually like to replace the light fixtures and faucets in all of the bathrooms, but replacing them is so darn expensive. I’ve heard good things about the Habitat for Humanity resale store, and Indianapolis does have one of those, so we’re thinking about checking that out.

Any other tips on how to get inexpensive fixtures? Any advice is welcomed!




3 thoughts on “Wallpaper Be Gone

  1. Definitely check out the Indy ReStore! They didn’t have much in the way of fixtures when I was there in early April, but I scored big on a chandelier. It’s sorta silimar to yours for $45. I can’t wait to get it hung up!

  2. I agree with Jenna! We have a re-store in Bucks County, PA and even if you don’t track down those fixtures on your first visit, you’re sure to have some fun. Another avenue may be Craigslist but watch for those scammers! Good luck! Bathroom looks great.

  3. AGREED! I own an older home and 4 rental properties… Let’s just say I should have a punch card at ReStore! lol. Thanks for your fun tutorials and for including a little of yourself in each. It’s so much more awesome that way!

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