I’m a Tweaker

Before you go calling the cops on me I should clarify that by “tweaker” I mean I change things often. Not binge on drugs. It’s a common occurrence for me to walk around the house and switch paintings out, or rearrange a shelf. I like to change things up. I LIKE TO TWEAK. See? Get it now?

I thought I’d show you some of my most recent low-key changes and updates.

Last time I was home my dad told me I could have this Dali print of Venice. Dali is my favorite artist so I just about jumped out of my pants.

I relocated the Steve Jobs print to the guest bathroom, and it actually feels much better size-wise in there. This Dali print is heaven to me. It’s weird, and colorful, and full of whimsy. It’s even signed by Dali! This is probably one of my most treasured possessions; I feel like I’m holding on to a piece of history. And have you seen Midnight in Paris? Dali was SMOKIN’ HOT.

Another item gifted to me by my dad was his twin-lens reflex camera that he received as a gift when he was 13, for his bar mitzvah. I found a home for it on the floating shelves in the kitchen.

One of these days I’d like to get some film and see if she still runs. I’m sure she purrs like a kitten, or however you imply that a camera still works like a charm.

My mom passed down to me this adorable little blue, glass jar from her Great Aunt Mable.

I can always find room for a delightful family heirloom. Isn’t that color delicious? I think it might make its way to the master bathroom one of these days. I’d like to do a whole “ocean” feel in there, and this seems like it would fit right in with that. Maybe it can hold some bath salts?

I finally upgraded the planters on the mantel. They match now, which means the mantel is symmetrical, which means I sleep better at night.

You guys would be so proud of me. I walked into a store that sold plants yesterday, AND I DIDN’T BUY ONE. That took serious self-control. Quitting smoking was much easier than trying to resist bringing home a new house plant. I need to find a therapy group for my specific need.

I finally found a good spot for my two little faux plants. I’m not a big fan of fake greenery, but these guys look so real so I hated to get rid of them.

The zero natural light in there really gives the plants the nutrients their plastic leaves need.

The last update I have to share is about Olive. She still loves ALL OF HER TOYS. In case you were wondering.

That’s it for all of my tweaks and updates. Later this week I’m excited to finally show you guys a before and after of our guest bathroom.

Enjoy the rest of this splendid Tuesday. It’s really foggy and gloomy here so send me some sunny vibes!


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