It’s Come to This

Do you know what this is?

This is my pathetic inability to kill living creatures. There is an approximately 2.5″ silverfish under that cup. I’m pretty sure that my willingness to try and keep it alive has in turn just forced it into a slow and painful death. That cup has been pathetically sitting there for 2 days. I keep meaning to ask Steve to move the little fella outside, but we are on opposite schedules and this bug’s life hasn’t been a priority. I feel abnormally upset about it.

So instead of thinking there is probably a dead bug under there, let’s pretend that this is actually just a book shrine. I wonder if we should let the author know that he has won the high honor of the book-on-a-cup award. Congratulations! Your writing is so inspiring that we’ve gingerly placed it atop a plastic cup! Huzzah!

I hope everyone has a weekend filled to the brim with hugs & kisses, sunshine, dog licks, and big-spoon snuggles. Keep Bug in your thoughts. RIP, Bug. It wasn’t your fault that you were terrifying looking.


3 thoughts on “It’s Come to This

  1. hahaha….many cup and book combinations have become “shrines” in my house too, particularly with the invasive spiders that somehow, wriggle their way into our house. It’s simply terrifying getting the cup on the bug though, wouldn’t you agree?! It’s the moment when we have a chance of confining them for good and they have the chance of biting our faces off….but, I digress….Good for you trying to save it rather than employing the trusted shoe method – you are an inspiration to us all!

  2. I’m right there with you. I just make my boyfriend kill them. Or, I yell for him, and he takes them outside. I would just kill them, if I had the guts. Either way, you’re a better woman than I am.

  3. I knew right away what that was..definitely not a book-shrine. You see, I’m a bug killer, but not a dead-bug-picker-upper. In Hawaii we had HU-MUNG-OUS flying cockroaches (they sounded like mini-helicopters when flying at your head). They were almost (yes, almost) impossible to kill. The trick was flipping those suckers over onto their back and exposing their soft underbelly….well, you get the picture. My husband was still in the Army (Hooah) at that time and would come home to find different objects sitting in an obstacle course-like pattern on our carpet. Mostly I used his (many) combat boots to hold those suckers (suckers=pesky cockroaches) in place until my Prince Charming (aka Dead-Bug-Picker-Upper) returned home to find my “shrines”.
    All that being said…I stumbled upon “The Harpster Home” because of your fireplace screen do-over (I’m so doing that to my antiquated brass cover). I looked around, I laughed a lot, I officially became a “follower”. Thanks for the good ideas and the laughs! I’ll be back…

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