Ok, One More

One more blog post about plants. I promise this is it for a while. After this post, I have no new recent plant acquisitions to share with you. (That is a lie. When we were at Lowe’s over the weekend I definitely snatched up a $2.99 fern. What? Let me have my fun.)

Now that that’s off my chest.

Look at the hanging succulents I get to see every time I walk into the master bathroom:

Aren’t they kind of magical? I scored that awesome hanging planter thingy-majig at Midland when my mom was in town. I thought it was perfect in this little bathroom nook that is currently lacking any artwork.

I followed the same planting process as my other succulent display. It was really simple.

1. Dig up succulents in front yard
2. Layer rocks in bottom of planter
3. Add dirt
4. Add succulents
5. Place decorative rocks on top
6. Install ceiling hook
7. Check out Steve’s tushie while he hangs planter
8. (Optional) Give it a pinch (tushie, not planter)

In the morning light this whole thing is just magical. It gleams. I don’t use that word loosely.

Here is what it looks like from the corner where the toilet is. Haven’t you always wondered what I look at while I’m on the toilet? WELL NOW YOU KNOW! This just got a little too personal.

Ahh. Love.

Plants sure do make me happy.


3 thoughts on “Ok, One More

  1. Love your Blog and the amazing commentary! Totally going to try this in front of my windows.. since bathroom lacks any light… Its a perfect alternative to stained windows i want!

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