Adventures in Fire Pitting

HAPPY MONDAY! And why am I yelling, you ask? Why because I had a pretty darn awesome weekend with my lumberjack. We got to spend a few glorious hours on a patio drinking some brewskies with a few friends, and in the middle of all that fun we managed to get a lot of work done in the yard. All in all it was a pretty successful two days.

A fun, new tidbit that emerged from the weekend was a plan for our new fire pit. I had envisioned us getting something somewhat mobile like this:

Steve said no way, josé. That’s the lamest. The lamest of them all.

So maybe I’m paraphrasing but the important thing to gain from this is the understanding that Steve wanted a more manly fire pit. Like one constructed with his own bare hands, using power tools and dirt. Arrrr arrrr arrrrrrrrr. (That’s Steve grunting like Tim the Tool Man, Taylor.)

I wasn’t sold. I didn’t want some random fire-looking structure sitting in the middle of our backyard. We already have enough dandelions to embarrass us right now. Alas, I succumbed to my very persuasive husband. All he had to do to get me to buckle was present these adorable, and very well drawn plans to me:

How’s a girl supposed to say no to a plan that includes a Step 1 like that? I trust his handy-work, and blah blah blah all of that. So, he can have his fun. Go forth my husband. And build the best damn fire pit the world has ever known.

We found a pretty good place in the yard for it so it should look fairly non-obtrusive when it’s all said and done. He’s going to start working on it today and I’m actually pretty excited to see how it turns out! I’ve asked him to take pictures of his process, so of course, we’ll share the whole DIY on here.

In the meantime enjoy your Monday! I hope everyone had a delightful, little weekend.



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