Same Name, Different Game

Ooooh man that one was really stretching it. The rhyme worked, but I’m not really sure I would classify giving the air plants a new home “game.” Ah, well. It’s Friday. It shall have to do.

Remember when I introduced you to Tilly? Here’s a picture to jog your memory:

Well. As much as I loved the idea of these guys, they just weren’t doin’ it for me. They weren’t tickling my fancy. Scratching my itch. Satiating my hunger. This just got weird, didn’t it? Something was off. I lived with it for a few days and then decided they needed to shape up or ship out.


They got a lil makeover. Some beefing up, if you will.

I got rid of the dinky fishing line and replaced it with some twine. Rope? Jute? Hemp? I never know what it’s called. But I definitely don’t recommend smoking it. Learned. My. Lesson. HAHA JUST KIDDING, MOM & DAD.

Instead of hanging it through the loop on top of the glass spheres, I thought it would be interesting to make a triangle shape by weaving the twine through the air holes. I’m really into triangles right now.

And of course I had to throw in some miniature pebbles leftover from the terrarium project. I think they add a playful touch of personality to the corner. They also act as a terrific source of water. I just recently found out in order to water my air plants all I have to do is keep a slight amount of water under the pebbles; no more taking them out for weekly baths!

SIDE NOTE: While I was at the garden store over the weekend I picked up a few more of these tillandsia. A girl can’t have too many shoes plants, right? They were too big for the globes so they found their forever home at the base of another lingering house plant.

They add some much needed oomph. That’s a real word, by the way.

Ok! What do you think? That should about it do it for the plant posts. We added quite a bit of greenery to the house this week; it’s feeling very jungly in here. But the good kind of jungly. Not the kind where the ground moves at night because of the blanket of bugs.

I watch too many nature shows. And on that note.

Have an awesome weekend everyone! Steve and I finally get to spend a weekend together! He has Saturday AND Sunday off and I’m not sure how we’ll spend them yet. A whooole weekend together with nothing planned is kind of the best feeling ever.

Happy Friday! xo

8 thoughts on “Same Name, Different Game

  1. I LOVE The hanging air plants. I might totally copy this idea. But where?? Maybe in the bedroom…

    Have a great weekend with Steve!

  2. Oh, wow, I LOVE these. I’ve never seen anything like this. I may have to consider adding them to my to-do list, along with your terrarium project. I love the idea of being able to add some gorgeous greenery to our home and not have to worry about our cats getting to them. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great post Marci,

    I love the arrangement against that short wall and they will get just enough sunlight between your kitchen and living room windows. Another great idea is to put votive candles in one or two of the globes to make an air plant night light arrangement. (don’t put plants in the globes with candles!)

    Scott @ AirPlantShop.Com

  4. I loved them before, but now I reallllllly love them! I think I’m going to add this to my project list … if you don’t mind me stealing your idea! 🙂

  5. i saw this on pinterest after searching for air plants, and this is awesome. i just ordered some, and am super excited and yet super intimidated by them. wish me luck!

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