Har har. I know my magician pun is less than amusing. I’m sure David Blain would be all “MAGIC IS A SERIOUS THING.” Simmer down, Dave.

I have a magical useful pillow-cover sewing trick that I want to share with you all. It all started with this pillow cover that I had sewn three sides of. To be perfectly honest I was at a complete loss for the best way to hand-sew the fourth side. I showed it to my mom during her visit and she taught me the best trick to tackle it. Hooray for moms!

Ok, here’s how it goes. Once you have the three sides sewn up, you’re going to go against everything you know and sew up that fourth side (while the pillow is still inside out).

See? Looks weird to have all four sides sewn up while it’s inside out. I am aware. But now that it’s sewn you’re going to take the flaps and fold them back onto the fabric.

Give those a good iron to make sure they have a solid crease, and stay folded down.

After you’ve ironed the flaps back, go ahead and carefully remove your seam with a seam ripper.

Ok, so now the prep work is done. Flip that bad boy right side out.

Once it’s flipped the right way, the edges are now creased into the pillow, which makes it easy to pin a clean edge.

Next, all you do is finish it up with a hand job! (Sorry – I couldn’t resist. Inside joke with my mom — although I’m sure you can figure it out. I know my mom is probably cracking up right now, which makes me happy.)

But, seriously. You finish up that fourth side by hand. A job. By hand.

That’s officially the first time I’ve ever said “hand job” in a blog post. Ope! And second time. I should stop before this gets censored.

That’s it! Does that all make sense? It sounds like there are a bunch of extra steps but really it’s the prep work that makes the final sewing-by-hand part really simple.

And what would one of my tutorials be without Olive modeling the finished product for you?

I promise that despite her appearance she’s not the Saddest Dog in All The Land. She is just trying to smile with her eyes, and obviously Tyra would not send her through to the next round. If only modeling competitions were judged on potency of gas and ability to sneak a cold, wet nose in your armpit. OLIVE WOULD WIN THEM ALL.

Choose your own adventure: the reason why I illustrated the tutorial is A.) so I could get more detailed with my instructions. — or — B.) because whenever my mom and I are together we enjoy in the occasional (or often, whatever) glass(es) of wine.

Pick whichever reason makes you the least uncomfortable!

I hope despite all of my side rants you found this tutorial to be helpful. I certainly underestimated how complicated it was to hand sew the fourth side of a pillow, and this trick certainly helped me out.

You’re welcome for the break in plant-related posts. But don’t get too comfy. There will be one tomorrow. Muahahahahaha


14 thoughts on “Abra-pillow-cadabra

  1. Enjoy your blogs when I come across them on craftgawker. Olive could be my fur girl, Cheyenne, a boxer mix. SADDEST eyes, cold nose, wet tongue, and killer gas. :).

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  3. That`s funny. Imagine how many hits you`ll get from people googling “hand job”. And no, that`s not how I got here! I found you through Craft Gossip. Thanx, Nice tute!

  4. I wish my mom sewed! But I do, and I will remember this little trick. PS-I’m pretty sure my mom wouldn’t know the term hand job. At least that’s what I’m going with.

  5. Good idea there! I think I will just baste that side rather than hand stitch – yep so lazy here! I don’t mind ladder-stitching though at the end of step!

    Thanks for this!

  6. M
    Love the pillow finish and just want to mention that my daughter has had a several Boxers and was told by her vet to give them a little yogurt for the “gas” issues. It wouldn’t hurt to check with your own vet, though, to be sure.

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