Succulent Redo

Remember my F-R-E-E succulent from my Friday post? Over the weekend it turned into more of a twenty-dollar succulent. Which is totally fine because of the happiness it brings me. Also, I desperately needed to re-pot that sucker into more succulent-friendly soil.

I picked up a silver-plated bowl at the antique shop this weekend as well as some new cactus soil from a new garden store I found. (More info about both of those stores to come later this week.)

The first step was lining the bowl with rocks so when water drained through, my precious succulent didn’t sit in moisture. That’s the easiest way to kill these plants.

Luckily the landscaping around our deck is full of these rocks, so I didn’t have to purchase any. We’re just minus a few, which is no big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Next step was filling the bowl with soil. You can probably tell how light and airy this dirt is just by looking at it.

Then I gingerly placed the plants in their new home!

After the succulents made their way into the bowl I was off to hunt for pretty rocks for the finishing touch. I can only image what my neighbors thought as I was hunched over, closely inspecting our landscaping, and picking up and then quickly dismissing rocks that didn’t pass the Pretty Enough To Be Displayed test.

I love the combination of organic elements and the patinaed silver-plated bowl. They go together like pickles and cheese. (Don’t tell me you never played “Restaurant” when you were a kid and served gourmet bowls of experimental food to your parents.)

This bowl of succulents is just one small plant adventure I had this weekend. Be prepared to be regaled with tales of greenery this week. My mom had to do that candy trail thing out of the garden store on Saturday so she could get me to leave. Except instead of candy it was shots of wine. Red, then white, then red, then white.

Happy Monday ladies and gentleman. I hope you had a warm and fuzzy weekend.


8 thoughts on “Succulent Redo

  1. this looks SO good, I would never have thought of putting plants in anything but a pot made from clay – this silver bowl is absolutely gorgeous

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