Ef Are Eee Eeee

What does that spell? FREE!

I did a completely and totally free project yesterday and clearly I’m pretty darn proud.

I noticed that we had these absolutely gorgeous succulents growing in one of our flower beds. They looked like they were growing by accident, because they weren’t placed in any particular spots; they were growing all willy-nilly.

I thought to myself: “Self, why don’t we dig these out (knowing already that succulents have shallow root systems) and plant them in a container so we can enjoy them all year long?”

I did a little research and deduced they’re practically the easiest plant to care for. They are super hardy and low maintenance, and from what I read the most common mistake is over watering them.


Isn’t he kind of the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen? I can practically see him batting his eye lashes at me. He makes me blush.

I might have to eventually buy special soil for succulents that allow a lot of drainage, but for right now he seems happy as a clam plant.

I obviously don’t think one can have too many house plants. I’m like the crazy cat lady, but with greenery. I can see it now: 50 years from now little kids are going to huddle around my house telling tales of The Crazy Plant Lady.

They make me happy. What can I say? At least it’s not crack-cocaine, amiright?

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. My mom is coming to visit me and will arrive tonight! I’m so as;ldkfjas;ldkajs;dlkfjas;ldfkjas;ldjfasldkfaslfjk excited! I’m sure I’ll have antiquing adventures to share on Monday. TGIF!




3 thoughts on “Ef Are Eee Eeee

  1. You’re adorable and I’m so happy I found your blog (kisses and hugs to craftgawker)! Good luck with your antiquing – can’t wait to see what you have in store for your readers. Now…off to search for succulents… 🙂

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