The Real Mower

It’s actually spelled “REEL”, but whatever. It’s the real deal, so I thought it could use a spelling change.

We finally got to use the new mower that Steve got for Christmas last year! Here it is, still in the box when it arrived:

Now that it’s finally warmed up here in Indianapolis, we had a chance to take this baby for a spin.

The verdict? We’re slightly masochistic and crazy.

Ok, let me break this down for you. This is a GREAT mower. The blades are sharp, it’s well-built, it’s quiet, and doesn’t need gas. Another item to add to the “pro” list is that we love the way it cuts. It is also a workout, which depending how you look at it could be a pro or a con. (Last Sunday I decided mowing the lawn while Steve was at work would be my workout — so I sorta had that mindset when I started, which helped.)

It also might just be our springtime grass. It’s thick and it grows super fast, which is a terrible combo. To get the mower to plow through the thick grass you literally have to get a running start. Unless you have the upper body strength of a linebacker.

I’m not sure if you can tell in this picture, but Steve is going all Forrest Gump. He is a runnin’.

But look at that grass shooting out of there! This mower does a bang-up job of cleanly cutting the grass.

And to be totally and completely fair, the mower glides smooth-as-can-be over the grass that isn’t jungle-thick. (The grass back there by the two Bradford Pears gets a fair amount of shade, which means it doesn’t grow rogue.)

Our yard extends about 12 feet past those trees and the fence, into a fairly deep ditch. The Reel Mower was definitely not going to work down there, so we snatched up a secondhand mower for fifty bucks off of one of Steve’s coworkers. It’s nice to have that for the wild jungle behind the fence.

All in all we really do like the reel mower and we love being green, but it is nice to have back up in the form of gas power in case we ever need the extra boost.

Steve can tell you all about gas power, if you know what I’m sayin’.

Have any of you ever used a reel mower? What did you think?


4 thoughts on “The Real Mower

  1. Bought one, eventually gave it away. As much as I love the idea of being green – heck, I won’t even use anything on our lawn except corn gluten or cockadoodledoo – but the reel mower just couldn’t manage our bumpy with tree roots kind of yard. I’m glad it’s working for you and wish more people would use one.

    • I’ve never heard of Cockadoodledoo, and just googled it and sent the link to my husband. We need to order some of that, PRONTO! Thanks Ann!

  2. You’re welcome! I think more people would use it if they knew it existed. So much better for kids and pets. A bit of a warning… it does have an, um, fragrance, but that dissipates in about a day. Corn gluten needs to go down right before forsythia blooms, so it may be a little too late for this year, but it has no scent at all. Btw, a late fall feeding is the most important of the year – you actually do the lawn a favor by only giving it one feeding a year despite what Scott’s tells us, so maybe wait until a cool fall day when a light rain is forecast to put down Cockadoodledoo. Sorry for talking your ear off… I’m kind of passionate about this topic. 🙂

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