Some Artist Love: Part II

I just realized Roman numerals don’t really work with sans-serif fonts. Just to clear up any confusion, the title of this post is “Some Artist Love (pause) Part Two”, not “Some Artist Love (pause) Part Eye Eye.” But if it were, then that would make me think of Aye, Aye Captain, which would then remind me of Moby Dick, which would be a tremendously fantastic segue into the first piece of art:

I promise I haven’t smoked anything this morning. That is just how my mind works. Groovy, right?

I’m only somewhat, actually totally obsessed with these whales. I want to pet them and call them all varying dog names, like: Rover, Spot, Buddy, Tucker, Max, and Clifford. Look-ee there. I just went ahead and named them all. I think that means I must buy this print now. Sorry, honey.

GAH. Just look at these feathers. Aren’t they stunning?

She has tons of different prints, all with a different assemblage of feathers, and a large part of me wants to hoard them all. I also found this whale that she painted, which I obviously love:

More darling, bird-related artwork:

This next piece is by photographer and fisherman Corey Arnold. I could probably never afford one of his photographs, but I will go ahead and tell you that this image is plastered on every digital wallpaper I own:

It’s hard to describe what this image does to me. It’s like that sensation you have when the love of your life walks into the room and you sort of just light up inside. Like that. That’s how it makes me feel.

Here’s another one of his photographs:

Man, I really have a weird bird/whale-thing goin’ on, don’t I?

I love sharing the artwork that I find, because I think it’s important to spread the love, and support artists. You can always check out my Pinterest board that is devoted to this topic. All of the images in this post link to that board, and then you can click the artwork again to take you to wherever the artists are selling their work (most commonly Etsy).

Disclaimer: None of these artists have paid me to promote their work. It is all work that I have found, fallen in love with, and shared on my own.

Disclaimer II: (Disclaimer Two, not Disclaimer Eye Eye) This disclaimer is for my husband — Hi honey! — There’s a particularly good chance that I’m going to feel inspired to buy some of these fairly soon. Fair warning.


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