I Shuttered

Pun intended. I got my shutter on this weekend.

Isn’t that the cutest little organizer you ever did see? We were in serious need of something to collect our mail and the rest of the shenanigans you hold in your hand when you return home. We already had the shelf (which is perfect for Olive’s leash and my purse, which is from here) but needed an extra somethin’ somethin’.

I found a random shutter in my mom’s basement that she apparently got at an antique store/flea market type place because on the top, in sharpie, it read “$15/pair firm.” Not a bad price, mom!

I took it home with me and finally tackled this 15 minute project this weekend. First, I painted the green shutter white. You know how I feel about spray paint. Olive better watch her back; she might get a coat of glossy turquoise one of these days.

Once it was dry I cut out a piece of cardboard to fit behind the slots, to prevent anything from falling through once inserted.

To glue down the cardboard I used hot glue — WARNING — which dries super-duper quickly. I had to move fast so the cardboard would adhere.

After the cardboard was on it was time to hang! Just a little picture nail did the job.

And just like that we have a key/sunglasses/mail/everything organizer. Easy peasy.

Nothing like an organizational project to start the week with. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Any fun tales of organization or spring cleaning? (Yes, not many of you would consider that fun — I do realize this.)


10 thoughts on “I Shuttered

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love this! My parents are always repurposing things into other more useful things and I didn’t fall too far from that tree, so when I see smart projects like yours, I am hooked!

  2. Been looking at this for months and today found a shutter in a charity shop for £3!! Yay! Going to do this for our new house! Thanks so much for sharing!! xx

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