The Hunt is Over

I have been hunting for a mid-century modern credenza for our family room FOR.EVER. Okaay, maybe I should be less dramatic. It hasn’t literally been forever but walking into an antique store and searching for a particular piece of furniture over and over and over again, with no luck, makes the time feel particularly long.

I am on “wish lists” at a bunch of stores. My parents have even joined in on the hunt; they’ve added their name on many “wish lists” as well. My mom and I both decided that these wish lists weren’t anything more than a way to pacify needy customers. We didn’t think we’d ever get called.


My dad called me to say he had received a phone call from Karen, the ridiculously nice owner of The Boomerang Room (in Columbus, Ohio), who wanted to let us know they just received a credenza that looked like something we’d be interested in.

My dad sent me the link, and I saw this picture:


I was sold immediately. I called the owner to make sure the measurements would work out for our space, and then I told her my parents were coming to check it out and make sure that it was in a decent condition.

Blah, blah, blah, lots of communication ensued and then we decided it was meant to be ours! The store is delivering it to my parents house and then we’ll have to figure out a way to get it from Columbus to Indianapolis.

It is the last big piece that we needed (my husband would probably challenge my use of this word) for our family room and now the whole room is going to feel complete. Steve is already looking into how to wall-mount our TV. I think the whole reason he was so supportive of this purchase is so he can cut holes in the wall to figure out how to hide all of the entertainment cables. Fine by me.

These are a few phone pics from my dad from when they went to check it out yesterday. Aren’t they most devoted and wonderful parents? I know. I’m pretty lucky.


I can’t even explain to you how excited I am for this piece to make it’s way home. The level of excitement is probably unhealthy. I suppose it’s a particularly good level for a Friday, though.

I’ll recreate Glamor Shots when she arrives so I’ll have dozens of pictures to share. Happy Friday, everyone!


3 thoughts on “The Hunt is Over

  1. This credenza is to die for. (I am obsessed with mid-century furniture.) I found my bedroom set (Heywood Wakefield) at a similar consignment store – and I can relate to your elation! A good mid-century piece is bliss! (I just got a little Heywood rolling cart at the Salvation Army for a song.. Woo Hoo!) Happy decorating!

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