A Hanging How-To

One of the small projects I tackled while Steve was at work all day on Sunday was hanging our new hand-towel rack in the master bathroom. There’s something exciting about breaking out the power tools when my husband isn’t home. It’s sort of like a mom-and-dad-are-out-of-town thing.

I discovered a new-to-me marking/drilling/hanging technique that I thought could be helpful to share. You know how sometimes you think you’re accurately marking where the holes need to go, only to drill and discover you’re way off? This technique should help with that.

First, get your fixture all ready to hang, and then put a bubble of painters tape over the screw holes, just like so:

Take your screw (my towel rack came with its own hardware – bonus!) and poke holes through the tape to match the holes in the hardware.

I bet you can see where I’m going with this now. You smarty-pants.

Now stick that baby on the wall right where you want it.

Sorry about the blurry tutorial. I was doing this whole thing one-handed.

Now, gently pull away your fixture/towel rack/wall-mounted beer bottle opener while making sure the tape stays in place.

You should be left with something like this:

(It doesn’t look straight but I promise it was.) Now all you do is take your screw and scratch tiny little marks on the wall through the hole in the tape. Once you pull the tape away you can see exactly where you need to drill.

In the words of Sarah Palin: DRILL BABY DRILL!

Pop in the anchors (this towel rack is NEVER coming down).

You might have to gently pound these guys in with a hammer. Don’t smash them too hard though, or they’ll bend and completely freak out on you.

Make sure you have a dog who is completely impervious to the sound of a hammer. Shadows? Plastic bags blowing in the wind? TERRIFIED. The sound of power tools and a hammer smashing against the wall? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

With your holes drilled and your hardware mounted (That’s what she said? No? Ok.) it’s time to get your towel-rack on.

Aww looks all sweet and charming, right?

Well, this is what it looks like when I pan out, but you get the idea. And I may or may not have used the straightening iron in this process. And yes that’s a nightlight. Don’t judge. You can’t run from the zombies if you can’t see them.

Oh the power of composition.

It looks like the towel was hung a little high, but I like them that way — personal preference I suppose. It bugs me when things hang too close to the vanity, and since we’re both tall this is a comfortable height to dry our hands.

Prrett-ty exciting stuff, you guys. And it’s only WEDNESDAY! Can you even handle this? Well, I’m going to turn things up a notch tomorrow. I’ll have a fun shower curtain tutorial comin’ at ya!

Happy Hump Day.


60 thoughts on “A Hanging How-To

  1. I don’t care if I never use your idea. I am just glad I read through it because you are hilarious. Loved your humor!

  2. Very funny! I love your puppy. I think he would get along great with my dog. She is also afraid of room corners, non-carpetted flooring, leaves blowing, vacuums, thunder … “Love that Dog”. Oh yeah, and great tutorial!

    • I love this idea, no unplanned holes in the wall. The pup is so sweet! Our dear Rosie was afraid of feathers, especially when they caught a bit of breeze and floated on the pavement in our back yard. We lost her in December, but I still chuckled at your remarks with the thought. Our new puppy, Molly, doesn’t appear to be afraid of anything as long as I’m in the room – time will tell!

  3. Oh my word!!! I laughed till I thought I could laugh no more…..then I scrolled down and saw your towel-head dog!!! LOLLOLOLOLOLOL!!! I laughed till the tears came!!! You need to write a book with your talent for humor!!! Oh, and by the way, loved the tutorial too!!! πŸ™‚

  4. I’m so glad there are such smart people out there like you to show us how not to mess up our walls with more holes in the wall than needed! Love this simply idea. Thanks so much! And I love your dog – sweet!!

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  7. Oh my goodness… that just made me laugh out LOUD. My dog is afraid of the corner around the stairs. Really? They are little furry mysteries wrapped in slobber.
    I must go hang some with tape now… thanks for the tip!

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  17. Thanks for the tutorial! It was a great idea, and you are very funny! I would have laughed out loud except it would have scared MY dog sleeping here beside me. Your dog is very sweet.

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  19. Which side do you put the sticky part on? I saw it stick to the wall but when you put the “bubble of painter’s tape” over the screw holes is the sticky side facing you or facing down? Thanks!

    • Cheryl I’m sure this is a moot point since this is like 13 months after you asked, but I was wondering the same thing and couldn’t believe no one had asked ( until I finally saw your post). It must be sticky side out but curl the upper and lower ends (or just the top, even) of your pc of tape over so it will stick to the fixture; then when you put it against the wall, gently pull the tape off the fixture do that the whole pc of tape is now on the wall…(sorry so long a response!!) but that’s all I can figure out!

  20. Thanks! I actually wanted to continue reading your entertaining directions because of your delightful humor. I will definitely try this since my hubby’s not so handy!

  21. To complement your idea, take a large post-it note, fold it along its length and stick it to the wall below the drill holes. It will catch most of the dust as you drill.

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  23. Very good tip! I’m excited at the possibility of getting the job done the right way- the first time! My favorite part about this article, is actually the little breakdown in the middle about your dog. I found myself giggling and snorting outloud, as I can completely relate to the “plastic bag blowing in the wind-TERRIFIED!” I thought my red nosed (big baby) pit was the only one that had this particular phobia! Thanks again for the tip, and the much needed laugh. πŸ™‚

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  25. I’m trying to figure out the point of the tape. If you have the screws attached to the fixture and then hold the fixture up to the wall where you want it and give it a little tap, then the screws will make enough of the dent in the wall to mark the spot. What am I missing here?

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