Picture Day!

Please tell me as soon as you read that you immediately pictured your elementary school gymnasium and laser beam backdrops. Because I certainly did. I very distinctly remember the Picture Day photographer handing out small, black, plastic combs to all the children, which I suppose was meant to wrangle rogue bed-head, and I was always dumbfounded. I had curly hair; what the hell was I supposed to do with that comb? There was no taming my mane.

I digress.

Picture Day! It’s that content I’ve been promising for a few days now: pictures of the house post-paint. The only rooms I don’t have photographic evidence of are the two bathrooms because they’re basically still blank slates. I need to get my design-groove on in those rooms.

Also, one more caveat: our bedroom is FPO. Which means For Placement Only to all of you who don’t understand pretentious graphic designer lingo. Basically, just close your eyes and sneak peeks of the paint color in the bedroom and nothing else. Because it’s all going to change… eventually.

Without further ado:

And one from outside for good measure. Because I’m unhealthily obsessed with our Bradford Pears.

That’s it! Well, that’s not really it. I don’t have any pictures of the two spare rooms because they didn’t get painted, and I didn’t take any pictures of the loft because it’s still a disaster zone. See? I don’t really have it all together. It’s just this small handful of rooms that look photo-ready.

You’ll get to see the rest of the house all in good time. I’m still planning on putting “before” and “after” pictures of every. single. room. up for you guys on an easy-to-get-to page. See that “Our home” link at the top that mysteriously appeared? That’s where all of those pictures will eventually live. Until then, pretend the rest of the rooms look something like the ones I’ve shown you here. They don’t; just to be clear. But pretend away!

That’s all folks! Thanks for trying not to sleep through that whole thing just because you knew how excited I was about it. You’re the best.


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