It’s up! Um. Again!

I was a busy bee yesterday. Which reminds me of this tweet I saw once…

Which is so hysterically true.

So, let me rephrase: I was so productive yesterday!

Steve was working all day (double boo) which turned out to be just the kick in the pa-toot I needed to get some serious house chores accomplished. He’s just so distracting when he’s home. Being all cute and stuff.

I have tons of house pics to share with you, but today I want to share this little stop-motion animation thingy-majig I made when I finally hung the gallery wall yesterday.

Pretty fun, right?

I used a Gorillapod to set up the camera on the banister.

And then as soon as I got one picture up my battery icon started flashing which in real life means: “hey buddy, your battery is going croak soon”, but in my frantic mind all I could hear was: “WARNING! WARNING! HURRY BEFORE THE WORLD IMPLODES”

So I dashed up the stairs after I hung each picture to take, well, a picture. I was a hot, sweaty mess when it was over. But I did it! I won the imaginary race against time!

And then I got out my other camera to take a picture of my camera which was taking pictures of pictures.

And then my brain exploded right there on the stairs.

You can get a better sense for the yellowish wall color in this picture. See? I told you it wasn’t really toxic sewage color.

It feels pretty great to have the gallery wall up again. Luckily the painters left all of the nail holes, so putting the pieces back together was a cinch.

Like I said before, I have tons of pictures to share with you this week. Most are just general house pictures showing the freshly painted walls, and then there are some of my shower curtain project. This isn’t any ordinary project though; this is My Proudest Sewing Moment to date. So basically what I’m telling you is: GET. EXCITED.

Happy Monday, folks. I hope you all had some glorious spring weather.
Oh! One more thing: our Bradford Pears bloomed this weekend!

Ok. That is all. Peace and love.


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