Keepin’ It Real

And by “it” I mean completely not internet-ready pictures of my house.


The meh-not-really-bad-news: We have a lot to do to put humpty dumpty our house back together again. Furniture is completely out of place, we have a room full of lamps — I kid you not — there is a fine coat of drywall dust on everything, and our windows are still naked.

I will suppress my OCD (which is on overdrive) and show you the “after” pics I snapped just as the painters were leaving at 7:30 last night. They’re not even “after” pics. They’re “RIGHT AFTER,” as in some of the paint isn’t even dry yet.

Blah, blah, blah shut up and show the pictures, right?


First and foremost: Olive had a blast at daycare #3 yesterday.

Her and her bf Walter apparently spent some quality time together for most of the day.

On my way home I picked up some cheese and crackers (after my friend Haley made the brilliant suggestion), and some beer and wine, and we parked ourselves on the back deck for the entire evening. It was an awesome day to kill some time outside, since we were basically shut out of the house.

Steve is incapable of not making a face when I point the camera at him.

Olive had a perma-pant going. And YES MOM, I had water out there for her. She was just all excitable. So much happening in her world these last few days!

On to the house:

I’m dying over this color with the wood tones. We are in love with it. Even Steve, who doesn’t really get worked up about much, was pretty excited about this color.

This is that same area on the ceiling that was completely cracked in the last post.

I’d like to refresh your brain and remind you what the guest bathroom looked like before yesterday:

And NOW! (Sorry about the terrible lighting.)

Here’s our new bathroom, sans dark and depressing color: (Sorry about the lighting… again.)

Imagine that room with lots of colorful artwork. I can’t wait to start decorating in the Master Suite.

This is the same kitchen / hallway / foyer color. I think it looks divine in the bedroom. I love it paired with our comforter. Which matches our family room wall. Which matches everything else in the house because I’m predictable. There. I said it. My name is Moriya and I’m addicted to pukey colors paired with blue/grays.

Here’s a very blurry (back-porch-wine… remember?) and green looking hallway, which is really the same color as in the picture above.

If you know me at all you know that I’m pretty picky about ambient lighting at night. I don’t do overhead lights. I was pretty excited to see what this yellow color looked like, at night, under one of my floor lamps.

Like Heaven. That’s what it looks like.

So there it is. A very rough set of pictures of our new wall colors. We’re going to spend some serious time this weekend getting everything back to where it was. One of my big projects is to iron all eight curtain panels before we hang them again.

We’ll be busy the new few days and you shall be rewarded for your patience with some good before and after pictures.

I hope you like the colors as much as we do! It was definitely worth all of the stress, money, and patience. Our home finally feels like it’s completely ours.


6 thoughts on “Keepin’ It Real

  1. This looks SO great! Love the way that yellow looks with that lamp and that color in the kitchen is so fun and happy! Great job picking out those colors. love it!!


  2. What is the name of the color in the hallway? I really like this color and would be please if you would let me know the name of it. Thank you.

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