Fix ‘er upper

Remember this chair we scored for $16 at our local antique mall?

A few days ago Steve was sitting on the chair, working on his laptop. He wanted to show me something online so I skipped right over and gingerly sat on his lap to check it out. What? We’re newlyweds. We do that sorta thing. Not 15 seconds in to our double-Decker chair scenario we heard that awful sound of wood snapping.

Fortunately we flipped ‘er over and realized it wasn’t too complicated of a fix; luckily, chairs from the 50’s were built pretty solid. I wanted to de-staple the green corduroy seat cover and throw it in the wash anyway, so it seemed like a good time to take the chair apart.

These little corner pieces are what was giving us trouble. Over the years all of the wood glue had dried and crumbled and these pieces were coming loose.

Everything just needed to be re-glued. Steve also tightened all of the screws and joints holding the chair together.

I was really happy to discover the green fabric came out of the wash stain-free, which allowed me to just staple it back on. Easy as that.

Here is Olive modeling the newly washed and re-stapled seat cover.

We wanted to make sure that none of the fabrics’ durability was lost in the wash, and to make sure that it could withstand weight. The only logical thing to do was to have Olive test it out. (No animals were harmed in the testing of this product.)

Olive’s a “she” and that’s her tail, you sicko.

Tada! That is all. I don’t have an after picture because, well, the “after” pretty much looks the same as the “before.” Minus a few inconspicuous stains. So give your finger a little exercise, scroll up to the top, and squint your eyes to see the “after” picture.

One of my most exciting posts? Um, no. An excuse to distract you and show you cute pictures of Olive because we still have another day of painting and wanted to wait until tonight to take more pictures to share? Definitely.


One thought on “Fix ‘er upper

  1. I adore this chair. I looove thrifty finds, and this one has a really great style to it. I even love the corduroy– it doesn’t look dated at all to me. I had a beloved turquoise vinyl chair with amazing metal studs that I picked up at a thrift store for $3. I loved that thing, but one day one of the wooden legs split. We tried to repair it, but it never held. We eventually had to say goodbye. I was so sad. 😦

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