Painting Peep-Show


You guys, guess how excited I am about the painting that’s happening right now. Well, you can’t guess. Because it’s off the charts and there are no words to define it. That’s what I’ve done. I’ve gone and created a new excitement level. We shall call it: ;iaweoi fj;skdfajs;ldkfja;soiejfa;lsdkfja;sldkjfa;slkdfja;slkdfja;slieja;dksj

If I were a good little blogger I would wait until everything was completely finished and show you a terrible before picture followed up by the MAGICAL AND WONDROUS after picture. But I’m not. So, here are some progress pictures that I took last night.

I’m not really sure what Captain America is doing back there but I wanted to show you that nothing has really been painted in the kitchen. They have started a lot of the repair work though, and they’ve painted the ceilings. HIP HIP HOORAY for crisp, white ceilings.

Here’s a good example of why we hired painters in the first place. Everywhere that our ceiling met the walls there was a strip of terribly peeled and cracked dry-wall tape. Here you can see the start of the removal process. Next, they’ll apply new tape and smooth it all out.

You’ve done a good job humoring me with those first two pictures; I know you really just want me to shut up and get to the color.

I will give a mild disclaimer: the paint isn’t quite as bright in person. I had a bit of white balance issues with the camera and this was as close to real-life as I could get it. The blue/gray color is pretty spot on, though. And I’m in paint-color L-O-V-E. I am seriously obsessed with these two colors together. The entire kitchen will be the bluray (blue/gray) color, and you can see that the foyer and the hallway are as well. I think the gold does a nice job breaking up the cool tones. (Or as my mom cruelly lovingly refers to it: puke yellow.)

Big pimping. That’s what’s happening right here.

I’m so beyond thrilled and I’m even MORE beyond relieved that the colors I spent 23 gray hairs on turned out exactly how I hoped.

This is what they plan on finishing today:

Kitchen wall paint (bluray)
Loft wall paint (bluray) + ceiling paint
Guest bathroom wallpaper removal — SUCKERS — and paint (Kilm Beige)
Master bedroom prime + paint (bluray)
Master bathroom ceiling paint + repair, and wall prime + paint (Antique White)

I don’t think there’s any way that will all get done today, but we’ll see. We already have Olive set up with doggy day care for today and tomorrow so if they need to go an extra day we’ve got it covered.

That’s a whole different story. Olive + doggy day care = a lethargic, sad excuse for a dog. I don’t think we have ever seen her that wiped out. When I came to pick her up last night she bounded out of there and I swear to you, she had a full-on SMILE on her face. Her report card said she made a new friend named Walter. Which for some reason totally made it worth the $22.

She’s back there today and is probably getting into some major butt-sniffage as we speak.

I’ll give you another painting status tomorrow!


One thought on “Painting Peep-Show

  1. Great choices, lookin’ good! We repainted our bedroom last month and used a similar gold, but I’m really lovin how your bluray compliments it! Poor Olive, if you saw the goins-on at doggie daycare, you’d know why she’s pooped. Our pooch’s “Kennel Camp” has Internet-Cam and it’s a constant motion of fur and feet. When we brought him home after a couple stints, he put himself in the closet and wouldn’t come out for 3 days except to eat and go potty.

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