Red Alert. Or Blue. Or Green?

We talked to our painters yesterday with the primary reason for the call being to set up an appointment for the actual painting. I knew why we were calling, but I guess I thought our sales rep would tell us “Blah, blah, blah, we’re busy, blah, blah, blah. Yadda, yadda sometime at the end of the month.”

That’s not quite how it went. He told us we’re all set for MONDAY. As in: SIX days from today. And the kicker is that I have to send them paint colors by Friday. WHICH IS THREE DAYS AWAY.

Panic mode: Activated.

I wanted to actually get the appointment made so I would be backed into a color corner, if you will, and actually pick our colors.

After a few deep breaths I realized we already have a pretty good handle on our family room/kitchen colors.


We’re going to paint the kitchen the same color as our laundry room. Yes, $60 worth of samples and we’re using a color we’ve already had. And you don’t have to tell me because I can see the irony. I can feel it. It feels about like sixty dollars.

It’s just such a great neutral grey/blue that goes so nicely with our wood tone. We have a lot of wood in the kitchen (insert dirty joke here) so I wanted a color that was going to cool down the warm tones a bit.

We’re going to do the two huge walls in the family room a rich, yellowy-gold color. It’s surprisingly darker than the blue, which is perfect because it’s a warm color. I figure if it’s darker it won’t feel too heavy because of how warm it is.

Places like the garage entryway — off of the kitchen — and the hallway and main entryway — off of the front door — are all going to continue with the blue/gray color from the laundry room. I want all of the rooms to feel like they flow from one to another.

The Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, and Guest Bathroom are the other three rooms that we’re having painted. I still have yet to pick those colors. I’m leaning toward a warm white in the master bath because I want it to feel spa-like. The color I’ve picked out matches the marble in there, so it will seamlessly blend in. I can bring in color with bright pieces of artwork.

The bedroom and guest bathroom are still TBD. I have three days, and counting, to figure it out! Any suggestions? (I’ve already ripped out the chair-rail and was delighted to find bright purple behind it. Lovely.)

Guest Bath:

You know what? On second thought, that wallpaper is divine. I’ll just go ahead and cancel the painting in here and stick with the mauve and dusty blue flowers. Nothing says “Welcome to our humble abode!” like dreary flowers and pealing wallpaper.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…




4 thoughts on “Red Alert. Or Blue. Or Green?

  1. Would you trust a stranger? 🙂 I found you via PoppyTalk and love your blog.
    I spend about 20 minutes looking through a Sherwin Williams’ paint swatch book to pick a color and haven’t disappointed myself yet. But I also understand the agony of color-picking and fear of getting it right because it costs a fortune to hire a painter. I’ve taken some bold risks with color in the 4 homes I’ve owned but my all-time favorite is a color called “Vanillin” … a creamy white with an undertone of soft, soft yellow. We painted our bedroom with it and we loved it so much, we painted our laundry room, a guest bedroom, my office and a spare bathroom. It’s a beautiful, calming color that shows well in evening light or daytime sunshine and seems to work with any woodwork. It’s SW 6371 … hope this helps, I can’t wait to see what you do!!

    • Ooh thanks for the color pick! Our painters are actually using Sherwin Williams and I have the huge color book at home. I’ll look up that color tonight! And yes, I would trust a stranger. 🙂

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