Bed Brainstorming

We need a bed. Ok, we don’t neeeeeed a bed, but I want a bed. Right now we have our box springs and mattress on a wobbly, metal bed frame with no headboard.

This was my original dream bed:

The Atwood from Crate & Barrel. Gorgeous details and rich wood apparently come with a hefty price tag. $2400 to be exact. We were at the store checking it out and Steve said “well, if this is the bed you want…” and I just couldn’t go through with it. I just couldn’t spend that much money on a bed. I would have felt guilty every night, slipping into a bed that could’ve been a vacation.

Knowing that my parents have a lovely ceder chest that they’re giving us, I was able to fully let go of the Atwood Bed and it’s magnificent footer compartment.

Once that one was out of the running we toyed with the idea of making a bed. Steve has been checking out wood online and found some pretty nice looking walnut. But I’m impatient and I know it would probably be another 6 months before we even got around to building it. Also, it still would’ve cost us around $1500 for the supplies. So, scratch that idea.

Here the remaining contenders.

The Stria Bed from West Elm:

It’s made from reclaimed, solid wood, and it has a price tag of $900. That’s not quite like going out and accidentally spending $85 at Target, but it’s also a lot cheaper than The Atwood.

The next option is a little bit more expensive, and is a bed frame / headboard combo. The Boreum combo:

The total for these two pieces is $1,008. Heaven-forbid you forget about that little eight at the end. Still less money than the Atwood. Still absolutely, stunningly gorgeous.

And then the total bargain bed is the NYVOLL bed from Ikea:

At $200 you really can’t beat this one. There is one, huge, enormous caveat though. Isn’t there always? It’s made from particleboard, not wood. Particleboard sounds so elegant, doesn’t it? It sure would be nice to only spend 200 bucks, though.

So those are our choices. I’m sure there are more fish in the sea beds in the stores that I have yet to see so I’m still trying to do a little searching around. I’m leaning toward one of the beds from West Elm, but who knows? I’m unpredictable like that. Actually my friends would argue that I’m rather predicable.

Which bed do you like? Any suggestions for an affordable option? My ears are open!


6 thoughts on “Bed Brainstorming

  1. Hey! Do you happen to have an IKEA near you? They sell awesome beds at ahhhmazing prices! Just food for thought! πŸ™‚

  2. Just got sent to your blog from *poppytalk*, so um.. that’s awesome!

    And I’ve been looking around & loving it. Thanks for the inspiration tonight! πŸ™‚

  3. this is a little funny because we are also deciding btw the atwood and the stria but the atwood is just too expensive! what did u decide on?

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