An Archnemesis Update

The paint. THE DAMN PAINT. My parents were here on Tuesday helping me with colors while Steve was at work (I took the day off). I spent $36 on paint samples and am not any closer to making a decision than before they arrived.

In a last-minute fit of desperation I tested a few brush strokes of the bathroom/laundry room paint color and of course it’s our current favorite. The paint can that we’ve had sitting in our garage for over a month now. Yup. That one.

Here are the samples from when my parents were here:

I know the picture is dark and grainy and doesn’t really do a whole hellofalot to truthfully show these colors. You’ll just have to trust my opinion of these colors in real life.

The only color I’m 99% sure of is that gold-yellow-green color at the top. It looks WAY less bright than that in real life. It’s more of a yellowy-avocado color which is right up my alley. At this point I feel like giving up and painting the entire house tan. Or white. Or hot pink if it will just make this go away. I have 4 more samples I want to test and then if those don’t work then I give you full permission to wrap me up in one of those lockable loony-tune jackets and wheel me to the nearest mental hospital.

You may (or may not have) noticed that the Chicago print is now taking center stage on our gallery wall. Have no fear, we’ve just swapped out the Steve Jobs poster for the other wall to give the gallery wall some more color. Ch-Ch-Ch-Chaaaanges.

In attempts to salvage the evening I was all too happy to turn on 30 Rock. Thursday is all about 30 Rock for me. That Liz Lemon. Sometimes I wish she was a real person.

Even Olive watches with us.

I’ll let you know when and if we are ever able to pick a color. I might just have to do the thing where I cover my eyes, flip through the swatch book, and pick whichever color my finger lands on.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We’re celebrating my birthday this weekend, so even though we won’t get to any house projects I’ll still have a cute tissue-box cover tutorial for you next week. Toodles!


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