Trashcan Makeover

Yes. We’ve come to that point in our relationship wherein I start giving you the smallest of makeover news. Deal with it.

Even trash cans need some love, you know? Especially our fancy, bottom-hinged, aristocratic trash bin. It’s a strange day when you realize the fanciest thing in your home is where you keep your chicken bones and candy wrappers.


Steve spent, I’m not even kidding you, probably 3 hours fixing up this bad boy on Sunday morning. Aren’t we romantic? The problem was that it opened much too far and would too easily fall into the open position, blocking the walkway.

It was quite a simple fix and is much more operational now. We both agreed how worth it it is to fix these little daily annoyances. First world problems… I know, I know.

See that gap between the door and the bin that holds the trash can in the picture above? I’m getting queasy talking about it so all I’m going to say is when Steve removed the wooden bin to add the stoppers he found, um, what I suppose used to be food? Relics from the 90’s. I’m sure you can imagine.

After a good scrub he put the whole thing back together again and devised a plan.

He made a ramp-type appendage that will eventually get polyurethaned and nailed into place. We will no longer be collecting rotten food in our trashcan door and that, my friends, is what I like to call a productive Sunday.

Not the most exciting makeover but I’m stoked about it, nonetheless.

Anywhoodle, have a terrific Thursday. Only one more day until Friday which means it’s perfectly acceptable to have a few cocktails tonight!

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