A Thank You & A Posh Pillow Tutorial

First of all, I hope everyone had an awesome, and hopefully long, weekend because of Presidents Day. Thank you presidents! Second of all, I had around 1,200 hits on my little ole blog yesterday and I can’t believe how many nice comments I’ve gotten. I know for most bloggers a thousand clicks is just a drop in the bucket, but to see so much interest in a little blog I started with the single goal of keeping my parents in the loop is pretty darn awesome. So from my blog to yours, thank you so much for the views and the kind words.

Moving on to more pillow talk. Not that kind you dirty bird.

I attempted to sew a pillow this weekend that was WAY out of my league. I’m talking on a Julia Roberts marrying Lyle Lovett scale, here people. I jumped in with two feet and managed to come out okay. I’m going to share the way that I tackled the project and the lessons I learned along the way. Because that’s really how I do things. First I try, then I learn. I like reverse order. Dessert before dinner, if you will.

First I drew a little sketchy sketch.

After the fact my genius mom filled me in on a not-so-secret secret. She said if I was trying to cover a 16″ pillow, I should’ve made a pattern for the pieces at the 16″ size, and then added a half an inch all the way around when stenciling the shapes onto the fabric. Too bad I didn’t consult her before I started. I ended up with a way-to-small pillow that I had to stuff with extra stuffing because it didn’t fit my pillow insert. Ah, well. I learned my lesson.

Look at that dog hair! Impressive, no? After I had all of my pieces cut out (AND IRONED!) it was time to sew them all together. (I cut out pieces for the backside during this step — with the opposite color fabric — using these shapes as stencils.)

After every line that I sewed, I ironed the hem flat in the back. I learned it’s best to iron the hem on to the dark side of the fabric so it doesn’t show through the light color. Yes. The DARK SIDE. That’s all I have. I don’t know Star Wars well enough for a punny joke.

Iron, sew, iron, sew, iron, sew. that’s about how it goes.

I got to the very last corner and I was obviously too tired to be working on a damn puzzle pillow:

That’s the first oops. So I ripped it out and tried again. And then proceeded to sew on the wrong side: Oops, I did it again.

By the way – you’re only seeing these pictures because Steve made me document it. He was laughing “with” me and not “at” me. Mmm hmm.

After two failed attempts I finally figured it out and decided to get some rest. I obviously needed a good night’s sleep.

The second side went much faster than the first since I was wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. Once I had them both sewed up I trimmed them down to a 15″ pillow, using one as a stencil.

For sort of winging this project the lines matched up better than I had hoped.

Ray of Light by Madonna is going through my head right now as I’m looking at the fabric pattern and I sort of hate myself for it a little bit.

I had already ironed everything once, but I ironed again after the two halves were sewn together.

Now it’s time for the fun part: STUFFING. It’s like being reverse-destructive. But still as fun.

Then it was time to stitch ‘er up.

Since once side is brown and one side is white I knew the stitch was going to show. I had to keep chanting “LEARNING EXPERIENCE” to myself so my OCD didn’t go haywire.

All in all I still have a lot to learn. Like, dump-truck loads. But I am happy with how my first somewhat-complicated design turned out!

Even Olive got involved with the photoshoot:

She’s showing my pillow a little love.

This is what happens when you get on the floor with a dog who loves to be all up in your business: “HI MOM! WHAT ARE WE DOING? ARE WE GOING TO PLAY NOW?”

Hope you enjoyed my somewhat-logical-but-totally-needs-improvement pillow tutorial. I welcome all tips and tricks, just so ya know.

I’ll be back later this week with paint updates (even though all my hair will be gray by then) and a few photos of some of the new treasures I’ve hoarded welcomed to the family.



3 thoughts on “A Thank You & A Posh Pillow Tutorial

  1. Hello, I found your site through Craftgawker. I made a pillow this weekend (first time ever) and follwed the instructions on MagpieCottage.com. It was incredibly easy and looked so nice when I finished. It was a gift for a friend. I made the top out of a vintage table cloth and embroidered it to suit the interests of my friend. She really liked it and I will make others. It was completed in 10 easy steps. Check it out. And now I must go and investigate your blog!

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  3. Have you considered doing something like this but paper piecing it instead? I think that would remove most of the trouble for you.

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