Conquering The World…

One pillow at a time. I managed to assemble a somewhat descent looking envelope pillow cover last night. Imagine that right now I am taking a bow and doing the wavy hand thing.

After it was all sewn and sitting on the sofa I realized that I severely dislike the fabric. Close up it looks rich in texture, but from afar it just looks bland and vanilla. I’m going to chalk this experience up to practice and I’ll probably be on the lookout for some new fabric for a do-over. I’d score this project: sewing-WIN and fabric-FAIL. You can’t win ’em all.

It went a little something like this:

The panel on the left is four inches longer to accommodate the pocket in the back. You’ll want to cut that panel right down the middle. (Hamburger, not Hot Dog)

badaBOOM badaBING Now we’re cooking.

You can set aside the square panel for now. Take the two halves you just cut and iron a hem into the inside edges. (At this point it doesn’t really matter which edges you hem. There is really no “inside” yet. I just like to be tricky.)

Pin your hem before running it through the sewing machine. I apparently like to pin mine as awkwardly and unevenly as possible.

Now the fun part: Sew baby, sew!

After sewing both edges you are left with your original square panel and two partially hemmed half panels. Lay the two halvsies, face down, on top of the square panel. Make sure you match up the edges; the sides you just sewed should now be overlapping.

You’ll be sewing around the edges of your pillow while it’s inside-out, so be sure when you lay your pieces together the nice sides of the fabric are touching. They’re probably having a steamy make-out session in there.

Pin ‘er up:

Almost done! After you’ve sewn all the way around the edges go ahead and remove your pins and run an iron over it. The last step is to trim the corners. That helps give your pillow nice sharp corners once it’s flipped right-side-out.

By golly, you’ve just made a pillow cover! It really is as easy as that. All these years I thought it was up there with rocket science and brain surgery.

Again, not the rich, creamy fabric I was hoping for. Use your imagination.

Here’s the backside: (Ow! Ow!)

I’m not sure I’d make another envelope pillow because of that whole you-can-only-use-one-side thing. Next time maybe I’ll try stitching all four sides for a cleaner look. Oh, the possibilities.

Olive cared tremendously about what was happening.

She was pouting that for five seconds I took a break from throwing her ball. That ball is never more than a few feet away from her.  And it squeaks. VERY LOUDLY. Thank you Grandma & Grandpa.

I have a wonderful weekend ahead: a date tonight with a very handsome lumberjack, a visit to my best friend in Cincinnati, a visit from my parents on Monday (a free day off work!) and then a vacation day on Tuesday. Lots of good times will be had. I hope everyone else has fun plans for the long weekend! TGIF.


3 thoughts on “Conquering The World…

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  2. Please remove your pins as your sewing, thats a great way to break needles & jump the time on your machine if you sew over them. Great post, love everything!!

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