Some Artist Love

I have been virtually collecting pieces of artwork for the last few months on Pinterest. I have links to all of the websites where the artwork can be purchased, and the only thing stopping me is decision making. There are so many that I’ve fallen in love with at this point that I just can’t simply pick one or two. And obviously I can’t afford to buy them all.

Instead of hoarding them I’ve decided to share them with you. Perhaps you can help me decide which one (or two, or three…) to bring home.

“The cure for anything is salt water. Sweat, tears, or the ocean.” Isn’t that the truth? I can see this in hanging in our master bathroom. I would like to start every day looking into that turquoise water.

During my last visit to Chicago I spotted this stunningly gorgeous topographic map hanging on a wall in a bar. I asked the bartender if she had any clue as to where they found it, and she actually passed along the website it hailed from. I was shocked it was that easy.

The version they had hanging was probably about 4 feet wide and made me stop in my tracks. I suppose my Midwest roots are to blame for me falling so madly in love.

This next one is a poster that all graphic designers should own:

And who doesn’t love animated breakfast foods marching merrily along?

I can see them sitting on our new floating shelves in the kitchen in a bold white frame. I love the vintage vibe and overall feel.

This is another possible kitchen print:

It makes me laugh every time I see it. The sciency-diagram aesthetic makes me beyond happy.

And speaking of happy:

There are so many delightful things happening in there. The colors are beautiful and bright while still somehow remaining soft. And the message is just perfection.

I’m noticing that I might have a slight addiction to aqua colors:

This is a painting by artist Tobias Tovera. I’m sure there’s no way I could ever afford an original piece, but I would love to reach out to him and see how much this baby is going for. Forget Xanax. This painting is all I need.

And last, but certainly not least, a Charley Harper print:

There’s just something about those little guys that make me want to twirl with happiness. I love the muted color palette with pops of cheery yellow.

In the words of Veruca Salt, “I want it NOW.” I want them all right now. I suppose I need to start with just one and see how it goes.


See how successful I’ve been in avoiding talking about paint colors?


Tell me what you think:

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