Inspiration Friday

In an attempt to try to get all of the inspiration goo from inside my brain to some semblance of organization, I thought it would be a good idea to gather some of my pinterest pins and isolate them from the clutter. That was probably the longest sentence I’ve ever typed.

I’m hoping that this will help me with color selection, and make me want to punch myself in the face less than I currently do.

Master Bedroom color, perhaps:

Since we are planning on a DIY wood bed (we decided not to fork over the $2400 for the Crate & Barrel Dream Bed — which was a unified decision, believe it or not) I thought this color would go well with wood tones. It’s calming and lovely.

Another similar color. Clearly I’m being pulled toward these calming blue – grey – greens. I’ve only ever painted walls in warm tones, and I desperately want to try something new.

The room in the picture below kills me in the best way possible. It’s practically perfect.

Aside from the impracticable white rug, I could curl up in here and never leave. I love the blues, again, with the wood tones, along with all of the greenery and the rustic touches. It brings the outside in, in the most sophisticated way.

I thought hand painting an Ikat pattern in The Nook would be a nice touch. A mix of unexpected and charming:

Isn’t that delicious?

Again, I just can’t get over this pull toward grays.

All of the white furniture and trim in that room really work nicely. We wouldn’t have that same touch of crispness, so I’m not sure this would work.

This next room is NOT AN INDICATION of anything. So, simmer down MOM. I simply love these colors together.

I want to get on my hands and knees and rub my face on that rug. It’s stunning. I love how the different colors and wood tones work together, while remaining fairly neutral and simplistic. I basically want to bottle this room up into a paintbrush and then traipse merrily through the house, brushing it on every wall.

Steve’s parents are actually bringing a chair for us, from their attic, that looks similar to the green chair pictured above; I’m hoping to find a home for it in the family room. I’m sure they think I’m nuts for wanting their old attic furniture, but one man’s attic-furniture is another man’s family-room furniture. They’re also bringing us a beautiful old wooden dresser that was made by Steve’s grandfather. Nothing gets me more choked up than inheriting family-made heirlooms.

I’ll be back on Monday with pictures of our new treasures. Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


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